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I'm in AWE of Verizon's customer support

Let me preface this by saying I had low expectations prior to becoming a verizon customer. (Low expectations mean you can't get disappointed, right?) I don't care if I get dropped calls, I'm not looking for the fastest internet, I don't mind using an older, cheaper phone.

And if terrible customer support is Verizon's new goal, then they are doing a FANTASTIC job.

I think training employees to hang up on customers is great. For example, if a customer is charged twice on their Verizon bill, even if they are simply asking why they are getting charged twice, say it's an issue with the customer's bank and HANG UP THE PHONE ON THEM. Genius.

If a customer has a question about a verizon policy, LIE TO THE CUSTOMER. Lie to the customers about your own company's policy. Wow. So innovative. 

If you tell a customer that as part of becoming a new member includes a gift card, DON'T GIVE THEM THE GIFT CARD. So smart Verizon.

And if your disgruntled customers take to a forum chat to get support, copy and paste this: 

"... (insert name) we are truly sorry to hear about your overall experience. We care deeply about your feedback. Please click here to contact us so that we can let you wait on hold for hours just to blame the issue on your phone, your location, your bank, your spouse, or simply hang up the phone.

Thanks username: "vzw_customer_support"

What does everyone else think?

Is anyone else as impressed with Verizon's new goal of having the worst customer support possible?

Re: I'm in AWE of Verizon's customer support
Customer Support

Good day. We noticed your post and we sincerely want to address all your Verizon Wireless concerns as we want you to have an excellent experience with us.


We are committed to providing you with accurate information, please tell us some details about the Verizon policy that we need to explain in detail.


You mentioned being charged twice on your bill. Please note that the first bill includes partial charges for the billing cycle in which you start your service plus one full month of service as we bill one month in advance. You can confirm this information at this link ( 


Promotions for joining our network have specific requirements ( Tell us more about the specific gift card outlined in your post and we can check on your eligibility for you.