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I've been lied to on multiple occasions. It's time to leave after 8 years.

I never thought that after being a loyal customer for 8 years that Verizon would opporate with such lack of integrity. 

Back in Nov or Dec 2018 after 8 years under a consumer account I inquired on converting my 2 line account to a business account because of projected increased data usage (thus the reason for the business account). After going through the business department, providing my business details and Tax ID and getting a new account overall I was assured that I was on the new $50/line Unlimited everything. My bill dropped to $107 after taxes. 

In March I decided to upgrade one of my lines. Attempted to complete the upgrade online but for some reason the system indicated that my current plan wasn't eligible, therefore I called support. The young lady ran into the same issue and ultimately advised that she would change the plan temporarily in order to complete the upgrade and promised to change it back once done. Low and behold that NEVER HAPPENED. Here it is, almost August and my bill has creeped up to $195 since the upgrade. I have had numerous unfruitful and dishonest conversations with support telling me that I would get the plan back, credits, etc to no avail. Ultimately I was told that I was in fact never on legitimate business plan but was placed on a "Inactive Pricing plan". I have NEVER been lied to so bluntly and I've HAD IT!!! 

I AM LEAVING VZW after 8 years. I will pay the remaining balance for the phone and will take my business elsewhere!!!

Somebody in corporate needs to thoroughly investigate this matter, listen to the calls and hold the individuals responsible for their crushing lack of integrity and lies. All I wanted was my business plan back $50/line Unlimited everything plan. That's it!


Re: I've been lied to on multiple occasions. It's time to leave after 8 years.
Customer Support

We are saddened to see that you are no longer happy with us as a result of conversations you have had about the plan being changed that made your bill increase. 


The last thing we want is for you to leave us after 8 years. Please contact the Business Support Team at

for support. You happened to reach the consumer side of Verizon on this forum. Sorry for the confusion.