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Internet service in an RV

I need internet service in an RV for family that will be living there while on my property.  They will be streaming tv & movies and computer usage.  Verizon reps said I need to purchase an Orbic jetpack which I did, but have had nothing but problems and have already used up data within a few days.  They tried just watching movies on an Iphone SE but it is too small for continuous viewing.  Is casting to a tv from the phone a cheaper option that will not use as much data as the Orbic jetpack?  I have spoken to the Verizon reps on the phone and also in the local store.  They all give me different information regarding what I need.

Re: Internet service in an RV

I am surprised how inept Verizon reps are regarding their services. After dong some research, looks like the best performing choice would be a Peplink Max BR1 Pro 5G (hardware cost of around $2k on Amazon) cellular data router.  I have been trying to get a straight answer from VZW on what kind of service I can expect after blowing that kind of money on hardware.  Info like service cost and how much data per month.  This has been dragging for a couple of months without resolution yet.  Every rep I have talked to needs to be educated first and then gives some random crazy answer.