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Lack of care and deception for loyal customers

I was extremely disappointed with Verizon wireless service repeatedly this last month for their horrible customer service, flagrant lack of concern for their loyal customers, and seemingly dishonest and deceptive sales practices. I bought a new iPhone XR six months ago along with my mom and sister, and it was stolen about two weeks ago. First, my mom went into our local Verizon store where we had bought the phones to ask about options for replacing it. All three of us were under the impression we had insurance, but there was a mistake and my phone was uninsured. When we expressed discontent at this mistake they never once apologized or showed any genuine concern, just brushing it off and saying well whoever sold the phone to you doesn’t work here anymore so oh well here’s the cost of a new one. When I went to the Verizon store in New Orleans I was met with the same reaction, never a single “I’m sorry” or any genuine concern for the mistake and it’s $850 implication. I bought a full price new phone and stated clearly that I wanted insurance, which the agent verbally confirmed to me. I was shocked to find that the next day the statement emailed to my mom (the account holder) had in the corner “$0.00 refused device protection” and to see that the accessory the agent had told me I would receive for free was in fact $30. I went back to the store to find out that despite the salesperson’s assurance the day before that it was unlikely there had been a mistake on insurance coverage as they all work on commission, he had in fact made a mistake and my device was uninsured. I was rather upset at this point and expressed to the sales staff that day that while I understood it was not their fault as they did not sell me either phone, if God forbid my phone had been stolen again, it would have been another $850 mistake that was not my fault but the burden would fall in my wallet. Once again, no one apologized or even asked who the salesperson was, which would have given me a little comfort knowing they’d bring it up so he would be careful not to make that mistake again and leave someone else in my same predicament. I also asked about the device accessories, and they said that I got a bundle deal so the third device was only about $10 instead of full price, which made me angry because the salesperson specifically said FREE and I wouldn’t have spent the extra money when my wallet was already aching. The last deceptive and angering interaction was asking to be reinsured. The salesperson said that he would put device insurance on the phone and walked me through the two policies of $15 per phone or $50 for all. Because we only have 3 phones, I did the quick math and told him that I would think on the $50 bundle plan but to insure my phone for the $15/mo. I asked for a receipt to check after the previous days mistake and he told me they don’t print receipts. You can only imagine my surprise when my mom checked the next day to find a $50 charge- he had given me the insurance I specifically said I didn’t want. I left this whole ordeal feeling so upset and wronged by a company I have been loyal to my entire phone-owning life and like that company doesn’t value their customers at all. It’s certainly made me think twice about my loyalty to Verizon and pursuing other options with companies that might at the very least feign care.

Re: Lack of care and deception for loyal customers
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I am truly sorry for all of the difficulty you have experienced with your device insurance requests! I know how important it is for your devices to be protected, and I want to ensure that you are fully covered. Please respond to my Direct Message, so we can gather the details needed to assist you.