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Loyalty to long time customers does Verizon have it, show it, stand up for it, pay out on it, prove it?

My girlfriend and I have been with Verizon for approximately 12 years there was a transfer of the name on the account with which started 3 years before with a business account within us so you're looking at approximately 15 years of service from us non-stop service.

 and now I am considering on changing to a different carrier because there's no loyalties to a customer that has been with Verizon for approximately 15 years we get the same or less as somebody that just walked in the door for their first time and they will be be treated better and will be offered more promotions than a loyal customer of this many years. I try to be a loyal person in life and I feel that I have wasted my time with Verizon.

We are in a position now that we need to save money drastically and my s7 is in bad shape and in need of a upgrade now and with the time that we have been with this company not only r the upgrades ridiculously priced our bill is ridiculously priced compared to several other carriers. can Verizon help me with the situation after being a loyal customer with them all the bills have been well paid now that I'm in trouble can they help me stay with Verizon or not because at this point after looking around I can get a much better deal by walking in with no loyalties as a new customer with another company or even with Verizon that just doesn't seem right why should I stay with Verizon and why would I suggest anyone to go to or stay with this expensive phone service with no loyalty program because what only makes sense is somebody that's been with the company for 15 years should get a whole lot more than a new customer walking in the door and from what Verizon is advertising loyalties are non-existent to existing customers compared to a new customer.

Re: Loyalty
Sr. Leader

I’ve seen this comment on AT&T too.  

However is Verizon providing great coverage and a plan that no longer exists at a good price?

How do you know another carrier provides equal coverage?

Have you priced the service with other carriers?

Do you understand the phone deals are to steal customers, add new business and make a profit off you?

I encourage you to do the math and not trust coverage maps, but test another carrier using their prepaid service or ask around to see if other carriers work well.  Consider if you travel or not.  

Personally I got a plan with AT&T that’s so cheap with enough data that I left my family on AT&T and have one line for me on Verizon.  I buy all my phones at full price without installments.  It would wipe any savings I might get on the phones because of the increase in my service plan.  

BTW, Best Buy and Samsung both have offers to buy new devices if you preorder.