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Massive, unexplained data usage spike on day when I was home on Wi-Fi

I am on a 12 GB plan.  Every month I pretty much use the full or most of the 12 GB.

My billing period resets on the 7th of every month and on that day I reset my Cellular Data statistics on my iPhone and I use a third-party data usage monitor/app that resets at the start of my billing period.

7 days into my current billing period,  I received an alert I only had 10% data left?  I logged in, and it showed that in the last 7 days I had used 9 GB of data on my line alone!  I normally use ~1-3 GB of data week.

Both my iPhone's Cellular Data statistics and the third party app reported my usage in the last 7 days to be around 2-3 GB, which is normal.

I contacted customer support, they said their records showed I used 8+ GB of data on Saturday, 11/9.  On Saturday 11/9, I was home all day, on my WiFi.  I disabled WiFi assist years ago, and verified it is/was still disabled.

This makes no sense.  If what Verizon was reproting was somewhat close, like within 1, 2 or 3 GB, I wouldn't really question it, but when it is this far off and soooooo far off from my normal usage on a day when I was at home on Wi-Fi, and being that my iPhone and 3rd party app show my normal, expected usage...   this has to be a glitch.


Re: Massive, unexplained data usage spike on day when I was home on Wi-Fi
Customer Support

rtee2k, I know how important data is to you, and I also know how vital it is for you to be on the best plan that will suit all of your data needs. For starters, I do recommend that you check with your Wi-Fi carrier to make sure your connection is working as it should be. A lot of times even though you see the Wi-Fi symbol at the top your screen, you still may have lost that connection with even knowing. Keep in mind that 3rd-party apps are not always accurate when it comes to monitoring your data usage. The best source to use to monitor data usage would be your My Verizon account. You should also make sure you do not leave apps running in the background which can eat up data also. Are you currently still experiencing data usage issues?