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Been talking with Verizon agents since November 6th 2019 made the switch November 13 after being told we'd be having no issues if we left AT&T after 20 years,I kept all transcripts and we've done everything we can to grab a decent signal,they show slightly BETTER coverage and we spent Thanksgiving troubleshooting all the way until my husbands last day off,we realized we had to give up and contact them, BOTH agents were useless and refuse to drop the extremely poor serivices that we had no clue could be this bad....ATT SERVICE GETS US A MINIMUM OF 25/30 but VERIZON BARELY PICKS UP BC THEY HAVE NO DECENT SOLUTIONS OR DEVICES TO HELP US! After lying their butts off we are stuck with their threats to charge full price for phones we just started using (we kept att until we had had a chance to troubleshoot the home networking issues they promised would not be issues if we switched) their sims. Evidently transcripts detailing BOTH  SIDES OF THE CONTRACT AGREEMENT MEAN NOTHING IF THE. NEW CUSTOMER WAS BAITED INTO NON EXISTENT SERVICE COVERAGES PROMISED. Why would anyone drop 30mbps for 1/3mbps if lucky? We have a $500 plus booster setup on our roof and the connections GIT WORSE AFTER POINTING TO THEIR TOWERS,we've HAD ENOUGH ALREADY AND THEY WONT UPHOLD THEUR END ABD ITS UNLAWFUL!! Not going away VERIZON!!! God help those of you outside of cities that fall for this companies lack of integrity and ZERO HELP OR SOLUTIONS!! We WILL BE FILING AGAINST YOU REGARDLESS of how long it will take to get AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!! We'd RATHER LOSE ON OUR TERMS!! THAN PAY FOR NO SERVICE COVERAGE OR TOWERS THAN PAY THEM FOR TWO YEARS  and will do without before VERIZON STEPS CLEANLY AWAY FROM THEIR RESPONSBILTY END OF THIS garbage CONTRACT!! GOOD CREDIT?! PERFECT ACTUALLY  BUT WE DO NOT CARE!!! THATS HOW MUCH WE HATE HATE HATE WHAT VERIZONS DONE! 

Sr. Member

Coverage has absolutely nothing to do with data speed. Coverage is being able to call a loved one if you're stranded. Sounds more like you opted for the cheapest unlimited plan or live somewhere with heavy cell traffic. 

You were given 14 days to decide if the service was what you wanted before being locked into a 2 year agreement.