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No Coverage At Home

We recently moved to a home in Royalton VT which is clearly covered on the Verizon coverage map but we have terrible service. My fiance can never make or receive calls. I can make a call every so often (1/10 calls) and never receive calls. Wifi calling is enabled and that still doesn't work.

Re: No Coverage At Home

What kind of structure is your home in?  What is your surrounding area like, e.g. trees, hills, other buildings?  What make/model phones do you have that can't get service/make calls?  What service provider do you have for your WiFi service that your phone cannot use for making calls?

...Just another VZW customer...trying to offer some assistance...
Re: No Coverage At Home
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

@Rocky23 wrote:

We recently moved to a home in Royalton VT 

Keep in mind you live in the mountains and cellular coverage can be affected by the topography of the surrounding area. Coverage maps are an estimate and most likely estimated with best case scenario and living in a mountainous area is far from a best case scenario.

Additionally, the Verizon coverage map comes with the following disclaimer:

"These maps are not a guarantee of coverage and contain areas of no service, and are a general prediction of where rates apply based on our internal data. Wireless service is subject to network and transmission limitations,including cell site unavailability, particularly near boundaries and in remote areas. Customer equipment, weather,topography and other environmental considerations associated with radio technology also affect service and service may vary significantly within buildings.Some information on service outside the Verizon Wireless proprietary network, and we can not vouch for its accuracy. Some devices may not be compatible with extended coverage areas depicted in the map."

Living in a remote, mountainous area is not the best area to expect good cellular coverage. That and the fact that many residents in such areas fight tooth and nail to prevent cellular providers from erecting additional towers which would improve service make it unlikely service would improve much with current technology.

If Verizon does not provide adequate coverage in your area, you may be better off looking for a provider which has better coverage in your area. You may find out there isn't an adequate provider in your area since they all face the same obstacles to do so.