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SO I called Verizon to change my plan. I had an old 12 +2 GIG plan I have been using for YEARS. In fact been with them for 19 years, same number. Always suited us well and never went over.

My daughter got new phone 6 months ago. When she started school we went slightly over for some reason. Was first time, before school even started, and was weird but when I purchased the plan I was told about a first responder discount (FRD) just had to verify employment and it worked with unlimited plan.

Now I used my email to verify emloyment which was accepted right away and offered one discount. I've been using that discount anyway and knew about it. But I was told that with an umlimited plan and the FRD my bill would be lower. After I went over my data plan I called and decided to look into unlimited in case it happened again.

Guy on the phone quotes me a lower price for unlimited and he says the quote is without the discount, which will make it even lower. I say great. Sent me the quote and all. I was hesitant about leaving my old plan but it sounded good. Again he quoted me a price $20 dollars lower than what I was paying AND told me once the FRD kicked in it would go down another $40. 60 dollar difference is great. I agree and thank him.

Get a next bill/plan changed email and its HIGHER than what I was paying. I call back and the different gentleman tells me the FRD is only $20 dollar discount and I'm NOT verified like I was told by the previous rep. AND my discount I was using could not be applied to the new unlimited plan.  I have to wait 1-2 billing cycles (months) to even recieve the FRD discount which is only, 25 not 40, but he can do it manually. Of course I have to get my bill, see it's not in there, then call back and have it adjusted.

I can't go back to my old plan becuase I wont get the +2 gigs so now I have to keep the unlimited plan.

Of course after the first call I got a survey to complete via text message in which I gave good (highest) marks becuase I was pleasantly satisfied to be saving what I THOUGHT I would be. After the 2nd call to report the misinformation I was given.. No survey followed that one.

SO basically I was told one thing, lost my old plan and wound up paying more, and then couldn't get my old plan back. Was told I was verified for FRD when I wasn't and lost the discount I had previously which couldnt be applied anymore.

The rumor has always been that Verizon is so big it doesn't care about you or one customer and will watch you leave rather than try and retain you. On top of being the most expensive.  With 19 years of continued service, that doesn't factor in at all, there really is no incentive to stay besides the self claim that they are the biggest/best network. I have a choice to make.

Since there is no named person to email, and I don't want to chat with a first name only bot, I decided to come here and post it.

Very fustrated and will be sending the written letter to customer service at

Verizon Wireless
P.O. Box 408
Newark, NJ 07101-0408

which you can do but can't send an email to the same place? Odd