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No need to get a Signal Booster if you have a Wireless Modem

FYI! Do not buy, rent or lease a signal booster. It is a scam! If the mobile phone company rep honestly doesn’t know this, they need retraining. Shame on all the mobile phone companies for needlessly selling these items to people that already have wifi modems!

Here goes…We had OK service on Verizon until a large wind storm came through and changed things. All phones, iPhones of different models, lost most LTE data service or the service would go in and out. Mostly out, with very high lag time. We were also experiencing some dropped calls. After multiple tickets being opened with Verizon and being told there were many tickets in our area, I received a text suggesting a Verizon signal booster because I have a low signal.

Another call to Verizon and they sent me the booster to try after I asked some very pointed questions like;

-Does it use my home wifi, which is slow and is another story, as an artificial boost or is it actually boosting the LTE and cell signal?
-If it is using my home wifi, because I don’t want to use my home wifi due to its slowness, could I just connect to my wifi router without the booster? I could then use wifi calling and the same as the booster.

I was assured by the technician that the booster only uses the home wifi for setup and then boosts the cell and LTE signal. WOW, what kind of magic is this I thought? I am out of the loop on this technical capability!

I breathlessly awaited the for the signal booster to arrive in 2 days. Friday morning the heavens parted and there it was on the front porch.

I started the setup and the first thing it stated was “Does not work with satellite wifi.” Well surely after telling the Tech I had said wifi it will still work. I proceed to throw caution to the wind. I had nothing else to do. We make it through the setup and it worked. BUT…my speed is garbage! In fact, it is the exact speed of my HOME WIFI!

I go into the booster admin site to see if I need to change a setting they forgot in the setup book (please be there). Um, nothing.

ME, 611, hi I just set up my signal booster and how do I get it to boost the LTE signal and not my home wifi? Play dumb, play dumb.

Verizon tech, It is not meant to boost the actual LTE and cell signal, but to boost your home wifi so that you can have wifi calling and data on your phone with better signal.

ME, hum, that is not how it was explained to me when I talk to the tech that ordered it for me. So basically I have something here that repeats what my wifi modem can already do and it is $249 and I pay for a service on top of that. While I am home I am not even going to use Verizon at all.

Verizon tech, basically you got it.

Me, I will be sending it back.

The tech was so nice and looked at my tickets and multiple tickets in the area. He then gave me some other options. Kudos to him!

So the point of the story is this, if you have a wifi modem you don’t need a booster! They are charging you for something your modem can do. You are using your own home wifi not the cell and LTE service.

On a side note, they did service the tower and things are almost back to what is normal for us.

Re: No need to get a Signal Booster if you have a Wireless Modem
Sr. Leader

What you were sent is a microcell. A true cell booster only needs electricity to work. I am not the least bit surprised that they did not know what they were selling you. This is the technology that is quickly dying since Wi-Fi calling has become available. AT&T actually will no longer sells and is actively phasing out the microcell.