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Payment reversal

My phone needed a screen repair for the first time in years and I have an older model phone. I had paid for insurance forever and when I called it was miraculously no longer on my plan. They re-added it but the claim wouldn't cover the damage since it was added that day. Paid $300 for my unique screen repair. 2 days later I dropped it unfortunately since my old case was damaged and no one carries accessories for my phone anymore. The place that fixed it wouldn't repair it without full cost again so I paid verizon insurance company the deductible and they scheduled a mobile screen repair rep to my home but were booked for 2 weeks. Meanwhile I closed on a home. Made my june payment. And my july payment. No issues. Checked my bank both payments cleared. End of july I get a message that I need to make a payment and my balance was enormous. I couldn't access my account through my phone since my screen was broken. In all I was out of a phone for close to a month. By the time my screen got repaired the my phone no longer had a back on it and the glass part falls out of the front of the phone when it leans forward. The mobile repair lady said shes sorry about the phone damage. She doesn't know what to tell me. At least I can hold it together and access my accounts and passwords but now my bill is well over $1000. I look and my bank did not return the payment it looks like verizon did not accept them according to my bank. If my bank had returned them verizon would have notified me. Even with my phone now fixed I missed no emails or texts. And they wouldn't have let me pay using that same account the next month. And july bill would have been much higher. I'm so stressed out. We just closed on a new house there is no way I can pay $1000 for my phone. I'm probably going to lose service after today. Also all my cloud data keeps disappearing. My photos from my daughters birth and important court documentation. I'm so messed up. Verizon has cost me so much. I've had verizon for so many years I've never dealt with anything like this. 

Re: Payment reversal
Customer Support

Hi Kersten82, please reach out to our Financial Service experts at 866-266-1445, Mon-Fri 7:00AM - 12:00AM ET,or on Sat 8:00AM - 8:00PM ET. This department will be able to track those "lost" payments and straighten this concern out for you right away!