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Poor Customer Service, Suspended Account Fees

Hello. I am writing because I have contacted Verizon three times regarding the same issue. Neither time was helpful or resolved. In Oct 2019, I suspended my young son's account because he lost his phone at school. I was told I would pay a suspension fee after 90 days and afterwards my services would be restored if I did not renew the suspension. In January 2020, I received a bill for approx. $300 (my bill has never been this high) so I called customer service for an explanation. Originally, the rep says I owe on an outstanding balance on my son’s device (untrue), then she says it’s from an outstanding balance of the previous month (untrue), and then finally after I explained several times she says I was charged for the all three months of suspension. I advised that does not make sense since the suspension was intended to save money, not delay it. I disagreed with this approach and ask the rep what are the alternatives to decreasing this amount because (1) it’s unfair and burdensome to charge a customer for services not being used, (2) it’s the responsibility of Verizon to ensure its customers are not misguided by programs such as suspension of line only to charge hidden fees. She was very rude and unconcerned – she told me to hold on and next thing I know I was transferred (without consent or notification) to a new rep who had no knowledge of my issue. After realizing I was transferred and required to explain my issue again – I asked the new rep if there were notes in the system. She read the notes as “customer called to inquire about bill, explained bill and customer understood” (Untrue). I ended the call because I did not have another 45 minutes to waste and I was very upset at the unprofessional treatment.

During the 2nd call, I explained the issue to the rep and she advised that I must pay the 90 day fee or face disconnection for non-payment. I advised her that I will not pay $300 and then asked for the original bill amount which was $80 less. At this point, I no longer want to do business with Verizon so I asked her to disconnect my son’s line. I actively preparing to end my business with Verizon because I feel devalued and honestly, ripped-off.

My 3rd encounter was after I received a late notice to pay the $300 bill – I explained the issue to the rep as before and she advised there is nothing she can do and I can make a payment arrangement. I advised her I will not make a payment arrangement because Verizon is not due the money I am being charged especially because only one line was active and being used. I also advised her the suspension fees are unfair, hidden, and very deceptive to customers. If I would have known I would be charged for the 90 day suspension then I would have disconnected the line (which ultimately that is what I did). The rep was very unprofessional and deceiving – I made this call while at work and was expected in a meeting, the call lasted about 35 mins (no resolve) when I told the rep I have to end the call for a meeting. I then requested a call back from a manager to discuss the issue further and the rep advised she is unable to assist me because I must end the call early (untrue) – Verizon has made arrangement to call me in the past during a more convenient time so again here a rep being unprofessional and unhelpful. The rep then offered a $20 credit which was never issued and still not applied as of today (2/25/2020). Please note $20 credit is unacceptable for a bill that is $80 over its original cost.

I have been a customer of Verizon since the acquisition of Alltell – over the years customer service has dwindled and lack of contact has decreased. I wonder is that because Verizon would like to avoid the complaints? Nonetheless, I am highly unsatisfied and I request to resolve the past due amount – I have paid my original bill amount of $212. I am asking for a resolution of the balance to ensure I am not penalized for using Verizon’s deceptive suspension program and overcharged for services I never utilized.

I look forward to your reply. Thank you in advance.

Re: Poor Customer Service, Suspended Account Fees
Sr. Member

Verizon gives you tools to do these things yourself to avoid rep error.

For suspends you get 30 days zero charge for lost/stolen, 90 days is for a reduced rate of $10 for service + device payments instead of the fully charge. Then there is suspension with billing.

Re: Poor Customer Service, Suspended Account Fees

Thank you for your quick response. While your explanation seems straight forward, this is not the information I was provided at the original suspension request. As I stated in my original post, if I knew I would have been charged during the suspension then I would have disconnected the line altogether. This is a deceptive practice with hidden terms and fees that have caused my bill to be considerably higher - I am not sure if that logically makes sense if you charged less during the suspension period. Paying more for services I did not use is not good business practice - I would understand if it were less then your logic would make sense. 

This issue is not resolved and I am still being overcharged. Additionally, back and forth via a community forum is not good customer service and poor conflict resolution. A standard term agreement statement you replied with, is not a pass to allow Verizon to overcharge and have no room for flexibility when you fail to advise your customers properly when specific questions were asked and answered incorrectly by customer service. 

I would like to be contacted by a manager or corporate representative for a clear, precise resolution. Thank you.

Re: Poor Customer Service, Suspended Account Fees
Customer Support

You should not have to contact us so many times regarding the same issue. I am shocked to hear about the experience you had. I would equally be shocked if I received a bill too. We certainly do appreciate your loyalty. You can view our FAQ's regarding our Suspension Policy here:

You will need to review "Other Voluntary Suspension" number 3. I can review your account to see what I can do to help. I sent you a private message.  AmberF_VZW