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RCS Messaging

Hey Verizon! When are you going to activate RCS across all your devices that support it? Obviously, it works if the Pixel phones can use it. Let's get with the current tech and stop lagging behind everyone else. You claim to be the best network. Then prove it. You are rolling out 5g now so RCS would compliment that well don't you think. I just wish all the carriers would give some kind of timeline even if it is not exact. We all buy these phones with promises of features to be and then we wait. and wait, and wait... You wonder why everyone gets upset all the time. I wish I could be like this at my job. Sorry to rant, but geez, throw us a bone. I see thousands of questions related to stuff all with canned messages that don't mean squat or even give a clear answer. iPhone messages work this way and Android finally gets something similar but it keeps getting delayed. It seems like if Apple says you must do this or we won't have our phone on your network and you are like "OK" I wish Android manufacturers would give these carriers an ultimatum also. 

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Re: RCS Messaging

what works on one brand doesn't have to be functional across all phones.

Re: RCS Messaging

I agree! RCS has been working well on my Pixel 3... Now I just want my friends and family to enjoy it as well. Everybody I know has Verizon, and like the 4 of them that use Andorid phones are suffering on Messenger+ so once they can use RCS it will be magical.