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Re: VPN issues

Same Issue here on both Pixel 3 XL and IPhone X XL - LCP: timeout sending Configrzion Sup-Requests

I called Verizon Support and was escalated to Technical Support. They have no clue and no idea what a PPTP connection from a PC through the phone to your office.

I have Ubuntu running and can debug this which appears to indicate they are block this port. I can not use the HotSpot nor can I tether directly to my PC and establish a PPTP connection via wither of our phones.

Howere the VPN will establish on the phone itself but try using RDP on a Pixel, that will not float.

Verizon - You need to get your head out of the sand and fix this issue. I for one will teminate all phones I have with you iis this is not corrected.

Further - Get some people somewhere in the support channel that have some knowledge of networking and simple uses of your HotSpot.

You guys should be embarresed - garbgage Service.


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Re: VPN issues
Customer Support

Thank you for reaching out to us through the community forums! We understand just how important is it to be able to utilize PPTP(Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) when connecting to a VPN(Virtual Private Network) while trying to use a server on Ubuntu. Let's gather a few more details. Are you using the 12.20 or 14.04 Ubuntu settings? Have you installed or downloaded the Utopic HWE kernel 3.16.0 on Ubuntu ? It looks like this may be a known issue with Ubuntu itself. Have you had the chance to contact them regarding the timeout message you are getting?


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Re: VPN issues

I have tried for days to get technical support questions answered on Verizon M1000 MiFi hotspot device.  Either I just get cut off or support person says their system has frozen and they will call me back.  etc.

At any rate, my company uses a VPN based on PPTP.  I can connect from my PC to the wireless of the M1000 MiFi hotspot no problem and get to the internet.  However, I cannot connect through to my company VPN.

1) Does the M1000 MiFi hotspot support PPTP ?

2) If so, what setting changes, if any, are necessary ?



Re: VPN issues
Customer Support

I can understand how important it is to connect to your companies VPN> This device does support VPN Settings.



When an OpenVPN tunnel is established, all connected device traffic is sent through the tunnel and settings such as Port Filtering and Port Forwarding don't apply. Open a web page then enter http://my.jetpack into the URL address field.

  1. To begin, click Configure VPN settings.


  2. If needed, drag and drop files from your VPN provider into the Setup files box.


  3. Enter the username and password in to the fields.


  4. Click the Auto-connect VPN switch to turn on Switch on or off Switch off.


  5. If VPN is configured, view the Connection status and Connection time from the VPN Connection section.
    Note You can also click View log to view past connection info.


  6. To delete saved VPN info, click Clear all VPN settings.


Re: VPN issues

I am also having issues with connected devices forming pptp over the mifi.

For some reason, after I try to ssh into the mifi, then restart it, I am able to then form a pptp connection.

However, this connection is short lived, and sporadic at best.