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Reporting Dead Zone / Poor Service Area

I wish to report a location near my house that I travel through everyday and when I'm in this area, my phone gets intermittent / no signal until I pass through it.  How can I go about reporting this zone?

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Re: Reporting Dead Zone / Poor Service Area

Call Customer Service at 800-922-0204 (or *611 from your cell phone) and have them open a trouble ticket.

Re: Reporting Dead Zone / Poor Service Area

Your company is hogwash , I have been reporting the same dead zone for 3 years and they STILL HAVENT FIXED IT YET,BUT THEY STILL WANT THERE MONEY ON TIME, either fix it or else, I will drop this company like a bad b


Re: Reporting Dead Zone / Poor Service Area
Customer Support

This is not how we want our customers feeling.  We would never want to lose you and will do everything we can to help regarding this dead zone area.  A private message has been sent to assist you further. 


Re: Reporting Dead Zone / Poor Service Area

I need help! I've called twice to report a dead zone to Verizon. No improvement after weeks and every time I call I'm on hold for over 30 minutes! This is totally insane! I would appreciate it if someone could get in touch with me. Thanks

Re: Reporting Dead Zone / Poor Service Area

I am a customer, not an employee so this is MY observation to those that expect THEIR "Dead Zones" to be fixed for them personally.

a. It costs MONEY for Verizon to cover a "Dead Zone".

b. There may be a physical or scientific reason why the zone is dead that cannot be overcome.

c. The zone may be in a PRIVATE location that Verizon has no control over. I will be reporting such a zone and have no expectation that it will become live. I'm reporting so if there is a solution that Verizon can do, they have the opportunity to take corrective action.

d. Do what a neighbor of mine did because he lives in a dead zone (don't know if they are a Verizon customer) go to a nearby place that gets reception. I used to see them parked a few blocks from their home as they made calls. I know this because I saw them somewhere and asked why they were always parked there. I don't see them there anymore, so I assume they found a solution to their "dead zone". Possibly a phone signal booster or a change of carriers.

e. Control your expectations. Verizon does NOT guarantee service in every square inch of their covered areas. Be reasonable. Your report needs to go through several departments and to check out your report someone has to physically go to the area AND verify that there is no signal. One of you said it was dead while driving through the area. The only way to exactly duplicate the conditions if for the Verizon employee to be driving YOUR car and using YOUR phone in that exact spot at the EXACT times that you drive through. I have a GPS signal lost issue on my phone. When I lose the signal the person sitting in the passenger seat can still get one. Try to figure that one out.

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Re: Reporting Dead Zone / Poor Service Area

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