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Retention Department?

Everything I read and am told by customer service there is no Retention department.

After 18 years of service with Verizon I am forced to switch to another carrier.  This is the second time upgrading phones in the last few months with a trade in.  Sales and customer service are not in sync with each other.  I have been very loyal to Verizon but customer service is getting terrible.  

The last trade in I done it took about 4 phone calls to finally get my credit and then the credit was not as promised (one lump sum and not off of the new phone) .  This time I had an in store employee and sales department on the phone tell me my slightly damaged phone would be worth about half of the normal offer, which I was good with because hey it is damage.  After the last trade in I wanted to make sure everything was as should be being as apparently the last time nothing was explained and it took forever to get my credit.  The sales department said I would have to speak to customer service as that was not their area.  I was transferred to customer service only to actually hear the employee laugh and tell me that the sales department was just trying to make the sale, there is no money given for any damaged phone.  Are you kidding me, you think this is funny?  This was after spending well over an hour on the phone doing the trade in on this phone along with another one.  I would have been fine with them telling me this up front but do not lie to me just to make a sell and an employee should never laugh about this !!!  After another hour on the phone I cancelled my order and am now switching to another carrier.  I hate leaving after 18 years.  I have been very loyal but Verizon's customer service has pushed me away.  There is no incentive anymore to stay with a company, I can actually get a better deal by leaving.  If there was a retention department maybe we could have come to a conclusion that didn't include me leaving.

Re: Retention Department?
Sr. Member

There is, you have to ask for "Winback". Store reps are people I really dispise because of all they care about is blood money. They have the nerve to push their incompotence on Care.

Re: Retention Department?

I just stayed on the phone with them for nearly 2 hours. I was told one thing in the Verizon store and Verizon wireless customer service said they would make good on what I was told at the store. I now notice according to my bill they did not make good on it. After 2 hours on the phone I was told , sorry just pay your bill basically. Tomorrow I am switching all 4 of my phones to another carrier. 

Re: Retention Department?
Customer Support

We alway want to make sure you get clear and accurate information to help you stay, shaugh! Please tell me more about your concerns and we can work towards a solution.