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SCAM - Note 10 (False Advertising)

Bought Note 10 on alleged promotion (through online live chat - thankfully) to trade in Galaxy S8+ for $450 in trade in and $100 samsung credit, received phone with no way to return old phone and was told promotion only applicable if new line OR upgraded plan. BUT, was told by rep that plan did not need to change. See chat below - Verizon tells me that unless I upgrade plan, can't get promotion. Appears to be no option other than lawsuit.


Re: SCAM - Note 10 (False Advertising)

My best wishes on the case, but, the Verizon site states that a new line or upgraded plan is required for the trade-in promotion; that has always been the fine print standard for Verizon.  Having spoken with many customer service agents, they really are not always clued in as to how things work and aren't updated with the "new" word during their shifts.  They get the current "news" at the start of their shift but no updates throughout.  I honestly talked to one agent and got certain info, then talked to another an hour later and got completely different info when expanding on the exact same question. 

For the upgrade this time I went directly through Samsung for the phone, and while I had to pay the full upgrade fee,, since the phone wasn't activated online through Verizon, I had no issues with the promotion I received.

Re: SCAM - Note 10 (False Advertising)

I attempted the note 10 + 5G promotion,  buy one get one free with new line???  No way, no how, by the time it was all figured, the fees totaled, and after everything was said and done, that anything was being given for free??  When comparing my current monthly bill to the new payments multiplied by length of time payments lasted I found no deal????? (My caluculations showed payment amout + length of time = retail paid on two new phones.)  I have no contract, no obligation, and have been with Verizon since they purchased alltel and had been with alltel for many years before the buy out.  I lived through Hurricane Michael where Verizon dropped the ball which most likely had an adverse affect saving lives and the recovery due to no Verizon phone working weeks after the Hurricane had passed..........After Verizon recieved a public shaming from Florida's CFO Jimmy Patronis, who is a Panama City Resident, then and only then Verizon set not their company's president but their vice president to the disaster area.........For God Sakes is Verizon CEO too good??  President Trump did not send Mike Pence did he?? No he came and saw the devistaion himself!  All the other providers send their CEO's and handed out tons and tons of free phones opened up all restricitions on thier networks and did everything  they could to assist in helping the suffering!  What did Verizon do offered customers 3 months of free service and when it came right down to it we did nto even get that and late fees were added.........Not having the best coverage with any other service provider I have been stuck with Verizon........Two Note 10 + 5G phones monthly payment including service was around $200 per month for 24 months??? $4800.00 including service on two lines for 24 months.  I currently have 3 lines and bill is  If that is the final word from Verizon, I lived for 20 years before cellphones existed and will live the next 20 without one, if I make it that long. I will physically walk into a Verizon Store and try again and see if I get a different result. I currently have the data plan listed below with a note 3 (so slow almost unusable) and note 5 (the 5 is inop and using a loaner iphone) and one tablet on service. Insurance on both phones less than $7.00 per phone. With next estimated bill being $135.00 it always is higher than their estimate. 

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Re: SCAM - Note 10 (False Advertising)
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