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SMS/MMS over WiFi

Why won't Verizon allow SMS and MMS to be sent over WiFi. At my home I can not send a picture message or get data. So I use WiFi calling so why can't I text on WiFi? I think they make the coverage maps look better then they are. It say I am supposed to get 4G all around me but some reason I get 5G when the map shows no 5G around me at all ( again making things look better than they are). So with lots of 4G around me I took a 4G phone and see how that worked. I could send MMS but was still using WiFi calling. And zero data I think the maps are not true. I somehow get 5G but I get nothing. Come on VZW I am only 5 minutes outside of Orlando it's not like I am in the middle of nowhere.

Re: SMS/MMS over WiFi
Customer Support

Vaio165, we know you want to stay in touch with friends and family and want to help you with your text concerns. To help get started, we'd like to ask a few questions. What text messaging app do you use on the phone? Also, what is the make and model phone you're using?