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Save money?

So I currently have 2 Smart phones ( both Samsung Galaxy s9 plus), a Tablet,  and a smart watch on my plan. 

Both cell phones have the Go Unlimited plans, along with total mobile protection plans. The table has the 1 G plan. And the watch has an unlimited plan with a mobile protection plan. 

Im currently paying around $300 A month for service. Any advice to save money?

I've tried taking the data plan off of the tablet since its only used with Wifi, and tried to take unlimited off of the watch because at it's highest usage its only used .31 data. 

To get a glimpse at usage-

Phone number 1 will use between 21 and 30 GB of data a month.

While phone number 2 will typically use around 10 GB or so. 

Both use mobile hot spot. But phone number 1 uses it  more frequently.  

So what do y'all recommend??? 

Re: Save money?
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

If that is all you have and you are paying $300/month, it sounds as if it isn't JUST for service. It sounds as if you have some other costs bundled in with your service cost. Are you making any payments on a phone purchase? That is a device cost, not a service cost. Many people bundle the cost of the devices they choose to purchase in with their service cost. That doesn't necessarily mean their cost of service is so high. The devices they choose to purchase is one of the reasons why their Verizon bill is so high, not that their service cost is high.


For example, I have 4 smartphone lines on my account and all of the devices have the BeyondUnlimited data plan. My total monthly bill is $220/month, including taxes/fees.


One way to save money would be to drop your total mobile protection plans. How long have you had cell phones? Have you ever broken one? If not, that total mobile protection cost COULD be bundled into a new cell phone purchase account you can keep on the side. For instance, the last cell phone I broke/cracked screen was well over 15 years ago. At the time, I didn't have insurance on my phone and simply re-activated an old phone I had. Over the years, I have saved several thousand of dollars by not purchasing total mobile protection. Many people who DO have it will quite often come on these forums after using it saying what a rip-off it is when they have to pay the deductible required when they file a claim. The ended up paying several hundred dollars for the insurance premium PLUS a $200 deductible which ends up being ALMOST the same amount as the cost of a new device.

Re: Save money?

I do have device payments. Totaling $70 a month. 

Ultimately what im getting at is I'm frustrated with Verizon.  The plans they currently offer are rather general. Unlike when they offered plans there were more custom to how you were using your phone. Why should I have to pay $15 a month for data on a tablet when I have never used Verizon data on it? 

Or why would I pay $20 a month for an unlimited plan (which includes mobile hotspot. ..) on a smart watch, when the watch has never used over 1G of data??? 

Why isn't there smaller data plans for my other cell phone that doesnt use a lot of data?!?!?!

Re: Save money?
Customer Support
We want to make sure that you subscribe to the best plan to fit your wireless usage and budget. Do you currently have device payment plans on your account? Monthly device payments provide you with the flexibility of making payments over time, rather than paying for your equipment up front. Once your devices are paid off, your bill will be lower. 
Let's analyze your usage and view plan options to lower your bill here: 




Re: Save money?
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Something is off your watch is $20 because those lines are $10 regardless of plan if it's part of that plan.