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Service has severely deteriorated Rochester MI Oakland County area

What the bleep is going on with my Verizon service in this area??

We live in a very populous Northern Metro Detroit area.  It is also a pretty affluent area within Oakland County which is mind blowing considering that I am hearing people can't even get service in their own homes anymore and have switched.  I am not the only one complaining about this.  There are MANY.  I don't want to hear any excuses from Verizon or technical questions about what I may have did! Get it fixed back to what is was or I will switch over to Xfinity or AT&T.  Verizon has turned into the old COMCAST who did not care about customers or service and found out the hard way what a house cleaning meant.  Other companies are looking much better at this point.  Your stores and culture are going down the wrong road.

Re: Service has severely deteriorated Rochester MI Oakland County area
Customer Support

Let's turn this around.  What specifically happens there with calls, texts, and data?-Sean