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Something is wrong!! Data Overage??

What is going on Verizon Wireless?  I haven't had any issues until now. 

Last month we kept getting texts that we were going over our plan, yet when I went on line we were no where near our plan limit.  I called  3 times a week and they assured me something was wrong with us getting false text and our data was no where near the limit.  Jan 19th, I called to confirm (the day before the month was up) and we were within our limit and the guy assured me we were fine! Even with Lag report time.   THEN...the bill came!!  We were 6GB over our plan!!!!  After talking to 8 different  people (who each one told me something different) , I finally got someone who agreed something was wrong and put in tickets to figure out problem - but still getting run around!! One lady (who was a superviosr) even said we should NEVER believe the data on our account because it will never be right.  The supervisor I talked to asked me how much GB shows on my phone and it didn't match their records AT ALL.  She stated she would call me back and I never heard back.

We even received a curiosity call from Verizon Wireless to get us to up our plan because we were over, however; when I told the lady that I just talked to VW and they said we were only 50% of our plan, she said "oh my goodness, you are right" and she apologized for her call.

Last time I called, they said My account is filled with notes. One lady (Jasmine) was the nicest ever and she said that she could see that I have never had issues and agreed something was wrong.  There is lag time with data, but she advised me the lag report time shouldn't be 6GB.  She also advised me that the tickets that were submitted information was missing and she had to resubmit them.  

Have I gone over my plan in the past? Of course, but only by 1 or 2 GB - but I also know when I am going over.  I live by the "alerts" and up my plan when needed.  The % amount that I get in my alerts, always matches to what is on my account (give and take a few MB).  Yet, the supervisor tells me that the current data on my account is never right and I should never go by that.  I had asked that I have never had this issue before and she couldn't answer me.

One guy told me that Verizon was having issues with sending False text - yet everyone else I talked too stated they never heard about this.

It appears there are blogs out there that millions are fighting this battle!!  We have had never had an issue  until the last 2 months.   I hope Verizon takes these blogs seriously and look into this matter.  Each representatives keeps telling me that it depends what apps I have running etc, but no one could answer my question that on the 19th, 3 hours before the account resets to zero, why I was under my plan - yet I get billed for 6GB over!!

I like VW - I can get service where ever I go.  I have been with Verizon Wirless for YEARS.  And when the "data" came out (when unlimited data went away), I have never had any issues - until now.  I am not trying to bash anyone, just want them to open their eyes as something is wrong!!!

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Re: Something is wrong!! Data Overage??
Verizon Employee

Hello baseballmom15! I can certainly understand your concerns here. It sounds like you have been in touch with us to do some investigations for you. I would like the opportunity to check into this. I have sent you a private message here in the forum. Please check your inbox and reply to my private message so we can get started. Thanks in advance!


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Re: Something is wrong!! Data Overage??

I had a similar issue with data lag and unknown data usage. Checked data used at 2 pm.  Had used 6.6 GB of data. Went to work and came home to emails of 75, 90, 100 percent usage.  Plus 2 GB of overages. I checked all WiFi devices and none had WiFi connected at that time. I shut off WiFi when not using the devices to avoid this overage issue. As I checked the breakdown of recent activity the excessive data did not show up for 12 hours. 5.5 GB used in 12 hour window. Normal usage is around .3-.4 a day. I am using the home fusion/LTE Installed.  Can it be verified that this data was actually used and if so are there controls available to shut off data at a set limit? I cannot prevent data usage that I cannot find the origin of and do not know about till 12 hours after its been used. Thank You.

Re: Something is wrong!!  Data Overage??
Customer Support

AMG2000, We surely know the importance of understanding your device data usage. While we strive hard to provide acurate data usage information; at times the reporting can be a bit delayed. The great news is that we absolutely have a feature available that will be helpful in managing your LTE installed data called Family Base. This feature allows you to set data usage limites, time restrictions, and more! Here's a link with more information Please be sure to let us know if you have further questions.

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Re: Something is wrong!!  Data Overage??

VW removed this feature because they thought that was causing the false text!!!!  Plus I have had 4 different reps tell me that there is lag time but NOT for 6GB!!  As I said before, just a couple of hours BEFORE the account was reset I was within my plan!  i also have had 3 reps tell me that yes something is wrong.