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Stiffed me for 4 promo credits!

I've been dealing with getting my promo credits since January.  We pre-orders 4 S22 Ultra's.  The promotion at the time was a $1000.00 credit for each line with eligible trade in.  We signed up with Verizon, switched our old lines and phones over.  Waited about 2 weeks for our new phones to come in.  Went back to the store, had them swap over the lines to our new phones and Verizon took our old phones to send in for the credits.  All 4 phones we turned in were eligible for the max upgrade of $1000.00.  Cool right!  We all switched from Metro, got new phones, said our monthly installment would practically be taken care of by our credits for our old phones.  Couple months went by and no credits.  So I called Verizon.  They told me I needed the Submission ID's.... so I went to the store we bought the phones from (were we also turned our old phones into) got the receipts, gave the rep all the info and he said he manually put the promo's in.  Said it will take a couple of billing cycles, so be patient.  A couple of billing cycles later and nothing.  Actually I shouldn't say nothing, there is like an $8.00 credit for each line, that doesn't even add up to anything?  I did an online chat this time and the rep couldn't even tell me what this credit was for.  I asked if it showed my trade ins, and he couldn't find anything.  Told me to wait another billing cycle.  I new didn't seem interested in helping, but what ever I waited another billing cycle anyways.  Checked my bill and same thing.  I've been dealing with this issue for several months.  I would have never bought these phones without getting a trade in credit.  I can't justify the cost of these phone, especially 4 of them!!  There's over $4k out the door and Verizon isn't honoring there end of the bargain.  Why offer trade in credits and then not give it?  

Re: Stiffed me for 4 promo credits!

I have pretty much the same problem with them I had to sue Verizon to get my promo promos are instant from what I found out from their attorneys pretty much you have to do them go ahead and pay this Fair Shake company their money but don't let Verizon get away with it


Re: Stiffed me for 4 promo credits!
Customer Support

Hello awsomeaussies206! We're sorry for the whole ordeal. We know it's important to get what you were promised, and we'd love to help. Please reply to our private note to get started.  ~Aaron