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Sub-account problem

On 08/27/2019 my phone died and I needed another phone right away so I went to the Corporate store knowing I was eligible for an upgrade. I went to the store, picked out my phone and the salesmen proceeded to process the application, and although I was eligible for the upgrade they wanted me pay up front the full price of the phone. I was stunned as I knew I didn't owe verizon any money and my bill was current. I proceeded to ask salesman if he could contact coporate to get to th bottom of this, which he does.

So, my complaint and story is as follows: in Sep 2014 I had 5 lines on my service; my husband, mine and our kids because they worked for us. However, we were parting ways in the business and wanted to get their lines transfered over to their names. Credit wise they didn't qualify so we put them on as a sub-account under me. I was told in a year they could put it under their own names and social after they were established. A year came and went and we found out we were still tied together on just my account. We again contact verizon to seperate us and again thought we were. We would not get seperated until Oct 2018.

So, yesterday when I went to the store the reason I was turned down was that Oct 2018 when they finally seperated the accounts there was a balance left on their sub-account, which was not transfered to their new account. Now I don't get their bill so I had no way of knowing; it did not show up on my account at all and I never got any notice of it going into collections. I'm sure the kids knew they hadn't paid it but never informed me and just blew it off thinking it was a mistake or double billing.

The account holder should be notified if a sub-account isn't paid as it affects their credit and is serious. If verizon is going to allow customers to have sub-accounts under another person's social, it should be notifying the account holder, me in this case, if it's past due and going collections. I had no way of knowing the kids didn't pay it and was totally caught off guard. I get it that it's the individuals bill and the account holder doesn't need to know the sub-accounts personal details but it involves monies owed that can affect the account holder then it should be brought to their attention. I would have dealt with it back then as we are still family and keep in touch.

Re: Sub-account problem

It seems that the issue is that you feel you should have been contacted. Verizon most likely did contact you using the contact information on that account. Being as how the billing and contact information was different, you wouldn't have received those notices or bills, but your children would have. Ultimately, you knowingly allowed an account to be in your name but have different contact information on it, so you knowingly had an account you were liable for with no contact information for you. I can see why your frustrated, but it looks like there is a lesson to learn on being liable for others bills.