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Sudden degradation in service

I've been a Verizon customer for about a year and a half or so. Up until this week, we've had great service at the house. We consistently ran 10 - 20 megs without issue, but for the past week we barely even get 3g. At first I thought we may be getting throttled, but my speed is fine when I'm a mile or further from the thouse. We are in a rural area in Southeast Louisiana, but there is a tower within a half mile of the house.  

I do use a signal booster, which I got approved and registered with Verizon. Preivously, I had no issue with this booster, and the signal at the antenna is showing the same as it is around the house: 3g. As i said previously, this poor signal seems to persist within about a mile range of our house. 

What could be the cause of this degradation, and how can we go about trying to get it fixed?

Re: Sudden degradation in service
Customer Support



Thank you for your helpful details, as we'd always want to know if something was happening in your area. While SE Louisiana covers a large area, what is the closest intersection and city to where this is happening for you? As for this signal booster you had mentioned, it was being used prior to the issue, and was registered here ( ), correct? I ask because if you were using a signal booster previously, that would indicate that the area itself isn't ideal for a signal to reach, but we'd be able to get a better view of that once we know the specific area. While there's a lot of unknown information so far, check out this link for what can cause a wireless signal to have trouble in an area:


Do you have access to Wi-Fi at home? I ask because we have indoor options available that would not need a signal booster, although they do require internet access to work, such as Wi-Fi Calling: