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Suddenly No Internet For Two Weeks

I have had a (very expensive) 50 GB plan for years and sudenly two weeks ago it began slowing down.  Last week I could do no work on the internet with speeds of 0.9 Mbps download and 0.0 Mbps upload. That is, until 2 or 3 AM then suddenly it was at the normal (poor but usable) speed.

I called support and at first the they tried the "blame customer equipment" excuse but since the speeds are OK in the wee hours, and I do not move my house closer to the tower at night, that excuse didn't work.

So they reluctantly agreed that my speed was unexceptable and that the problem was with Verizon equipment and they "put in a ticket".

The result:
Verizon tells me tough, they will no longer supply me with better than 0.9 Mbps download and 0.0 Mbps upload.
And Verizon technical support tells me the reason is that "Unlimited" customers now get priority (but they don't throttle).  I guess starving a low priority line of bandwidth is not throttling?

Of course, it is normal business for Verizon employees to lie and for Verizon to create problems so they can sell you a new solutions.  The same thing happened to me prior to going to my current plan. They stopped the unlimited GB 3G service I had been using , and paying for, for years and then pretended to try to fix the problem and finally claimed they never provided the service in the first place. But they were going to do me a favor and sell me a 50GB 4G plan that only cost four times what my unlimited plan had cost.  Now, it seems that they are doing it again.  

Interestingly, no one at Verizon will discuss lowering my bill for the lack of service.
One technical support person told me I should quit the service if I didn't like it.

Believe me, if there was any alternative, I would never do business with Verizon again.
But sadly, Verizon is the only option in my area.

So, I just tried to chat and to call support (they claim 24/7) to see how I can get a high priority plan but neither chat nor phone support are available at 11PM 27 Apr 2019

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