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Terrible Customer Service (Refund Not Issued After 6 weeks)

Some background information - have been a Verizon Wireless and Home customer for a long time. We have a family plan with 4 cell phones.

On June 26, I decided to use the Verizon Wireless internet chat to upgrade 2 of the cell phones to take advantage of the trade-in promotion of up to $800 (Order #5368477 and location code #E331201). Once all was done, my card was charged $264.84 for activation, sales tax and the $31 for the unpaid balance on of the accounts. Verizon Wireless approved $400 trade-in for each of the phones for a total of $800. I was told to pick up the phones from the retail store in few hours.

Once I was at the store, I was told they could see the order but cannot fulfill it as there was an issue on Verizon’s side. At the store, we all got on the phone several times with the customer service reps to address the issue. They all admitted that the problem was on the Verizon side and best thing to do was to cancel the order and re-process it in the store. They also mentioned that I should wait for a day or two to have the cancellation processed and refunds reissued. A few days later, I received a partial refund of $115.09.

I tried calling Verizon Wireless early in July to check on the status and the customer rep said that the order was not cancelled properly and he took care of it while we were on the phone, the refund should be issued and I should be able to get the new phones processed at the retail store in a few days.

On July 22, I logged onto my online account and saw that the refund was still not issued and the original order from June 26 was still open. I decided to call Verizon Wireless again – I was on the phone with 4 different Verizon reps from 10 a.m. to little after 12 p.m. EST. I got transferred from customer service to sales to billing and it did not appear that anyone truly understand the issue. Last person I talked to created a payment investigation ticket (# PH7038442) – that was 15 days ago. I will be glad to provide with details of wait time per department.

This is not a rocket science – in fact, it is fairly straight-forward: you charged me for 2 phones om June 26, then you attempted to cancel the order, and issued a partial refund. With all this happening, you still have my money, I have no new phones, I may have lost out on the trade-in promotion. This is absolutely unacceptable and truly the definition of bad customer service.

Your executive team cut its financial forecast for the year and your 2nd quarter earnings fell shy of the expectations. Perhaps, it is your customer service or lack thereof causing the loss of long-term customers like us looking for other alternatives. The report said, in the second quarter, Verizon added 12,000 phone subscribers vs. 144,000 estimated. Again, it comes down to providing good customer service. Your executive/management team may want to focus on what makes a company great rather than hiding behind layers and layers of bureaucracy shielding them from having any connection with the paying customers and perhaps they should revisit what they learned in their MBA classes.

To recap…

  • I would like the rest of my refund (by the way, you had my money for almost 1 ½ months now – I won’t be charging you interest for it)
  • I want you to honor the trade-in promotion as originally agreed
  • Train/empower/authorize your people to address these concerns in a more expedited way
  • Since the phone calls to customer service are “recorded”, actually listen to them to improve customer experience


Re: Terrible Customer Service (Refund Not Issued After 6 weeks)
Customer Support

Hello, thanks for the detailed message about the issue that you have been dealing with since June. We would request that you edit the post to make sure that you remove any specific details pertaining to your wireless account for account security. I will be sending you a Private Note to review all the details on a secure platform. Please respond to that message. Thank you. 


Re: Terrible Customer Service (Refund Not Issued After 6 weeks)

Spent more than an hour with a customer rep again....

Refund - they said I need to wait additional week to see if it will be resolved... So they will have my money in their bank account for almost 2 months... I wonder whether they will be this patient with their customer not paying their bill for 2 months? Do you think I will get an answer on this?

Trade-in promotion - been waiting in the private chat room for almost an hour - she is waiting for an approval. I guess they want to wear you down so that you can quit and give up on your refund as well as the promotion they promised. Maybe, that is how they are planning to have better financial results in the 3rd quarter - keeping people's money and not delivering on the promises made.