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Terrible Service 12901

I live in the 12901 zip code and have experienced decreased reception and coverage for the past few months. I have spoken to many others in the area that are complaining about poor cell coverage as well so unfortunately there are many other people in this area experiencing this exact same thing. No matter where I go around this area the cell service is awful. I have a iPhone XR so that’s not the issue.  I have tried numerous things as well to get better reception and have had no success.  At most I only get 2 bars max and speaking with others in this area that have Verizon Wireless they say the same thing. We in this area are getting very frustrated with Verizon Wireless service and something needs to be done ASAP.  When talking on the phone reception cuts out constantly which is very annoying and it shouldn’t. We are paying for cell service and should be able to get reliable service.  I never get full bar reception anywhere in this area but I used to consistently up until a few months ago. I and many others noticed the problem started a few months ago when the water tower off of Hammond Lane was re-painted. I believe it serves as a cell tower as well since there are cell service receptors on the top of the water tower. Ever since the receptors were taken off or whatever was done to repaint the tower reception has been terrible. I live in very close proximity to the water/cell tower and only get 2 bars max at my house.  Please fix this issue not just for me but for all residents of this area that have Verizon wireless service.  A cell service booster at home is not a reasonable solution since the coverage is terrible no matter where I go in this area. 

Re: Terrible Service 12901
Customer Support

As someone who always uses my own service in my home area, I can imagine how stressful this must be.  We are here to help turn this around.  Thank you for providing that information.  A private message has been sent to you so we can assist you further.