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The obscenity and incompetency of my experience!
In this Email I will briefly explain to you the ridiculously incompetent experience I had with 2 customer service representatives on Thursday July 2nd and your response is appreciated. I will say some things bluntly but respectfully for Verizon has high standards that should not be compromised especially when dealing with a 15 year old customer. How my experience went was started off with me scheduling a phone call online because my interest was to drop my IPhone and switch it to the basic phone Sonim XP5s with the same number. Upon receiving my phone call at lunch time to discuss and get my interest handled I encountered a customer service representative that was completely incompetent in the English language and was absolutely ignorant to the idea that I was trying to achieve, however I beared through the phone call and everything seemed to be going somewhat smoothly but not at all completely. When the representative told me that it would take 5 days to receive my phone I asked to speak to her supervisor which after a 10 minute hold she denied me that privilege and proceeded to tell me my order was complete and I should receive the phone adequately. For me to find out later in the day that this incompetent representative did not process ANY of my requests and proceeded to tell me my order was complete WITHOUT filing the order itself is extremely radical and beyond reason. How I found this out was during a 1-1/2 Hour chat, which the somewhat understanding representative, who had run into systematical errors every step of the way helped little, and the fact that she continued to attempt nothing while I asked for her supervisor was obscene. I ended up calling for my third experience of the day and when I was finally connected, the experience I had seemed to be reasonable, the representative immediately got her supervisor on the line and his name was Ryan, Ryan did a very well job listening to me and handling my order, I appreciate everything he did for me because I was completely furious. He assured me that he would follow through with the two experiences that I went through that day and he agreed that what I went through was absolutely ridiculous and beyond reason. Although Ryan did a fantastic job with me he did make one mistake, and that was that he assured me the phone would be shipped with overnight speed but although it was overnight speed I wouldn’t receive it until Monday since it was a holiday weekend and after all I went through it was after 6pm. I passively accepted and understood that I would get the phone Monday. However upon receiving the shipping confirmation yesterday (Friday) I noticed the shipping speed was 2 day shipping, this was the last straw, I don’t care what time it was or what I went through, the fact that your customer service agents treated me like I was just a puppet in the system when they are the ones consumed by the system and made me have a false realization of what would happen is ridiculous, radical, inferior, obscene, ignorant, and beyond reason. A 15 year customer should not have to FIGHT for overnight shipping especially when my bill has been as high as $600 a month, overnight shipping should be the minimum standard for a customer on my level. I do not have a major issue with my experience with Ryan but the incompetency I experienced with the representative at lunch time and then in the afternoon need to be handled accordingly, properly, and proceeded with immediately. When I call to activate this basic phone when it gets here after my two day shipping I better not have to deal with any similarities in my experience or I will take my 15 years of loyalty to a different company.
This is my formal complaint about my experience this week and I will be calling again next week if I do not receive a response because if you have any pride in the company you work for, you will reach out to me and you will appropriate proper discipline which should include the termination of the first representative. Thank you for reading this and your response is greatly appreciated.
Re: The obscenity and incompetency of my experience!
Customer Support

We do appreciate the loyalty you have had to the Verizon family over these past 15 years. I'm happy to hear that Ryan was able to get your order placed correctly. I have forwarded your feedback to my leadership team, and while your feedback and the outcome are all handled internally I can assure that your dismay with this experience will be heard.


Re: The obscenity and incompetency of my experience!
Sr. Member

"Customer of my level" This and the attitude of the post suggests details are missing with how the interactions went. I've been a customer just as long and wouldn't dare take my anger on another rep demanding supervisors because of a previous interaction.

Also, who orders near a holiday and expects fast delivery? Even standard 2 day shipping has been delayed some parts of the country due to Covid-19.

15 year tenure or 15 months, no one is above anyone else.