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Trade In Submission ID Issues


I am at my wits end here.  To preface, all of this was done with a sales rep over the phone.

I switched over 4 lines from Sprint on 9-19, preordering the iPhone 13 Pro Max for all 4.  I had 3 iphone 6s plus and 1 iphone 7 plus that were appraised for 400 each at the time.  I did not know, and honestly could not have known, that I was supposed to receive confirmation emails for the 4 containing submission IDs.  What I do know is she took down the correct email address because everything else needed to complete the sale was sent to that account, minus the trade in confirmations.

So a week or two passes and I receive the phones.  I am already off to a bad start with one having problems with iMessage and facetime activation.  During the time I was chatting with a rep about the issue, I noticed the "Things to do" link on My Verizon.  There I saw the trade in for one of the phones, which also let me know I have until the 19th to send in.  Kinda stinks when all this time I thought I had to wait for a box to come, which never dis. So I request a return box by clicking the link. After a couple hours and partially solving the issue, I asked about the trade in to which he replies that he needs a submission ID.  I confusedly tell him I never received an email for it, so he is off trying to research.  In this time, the trade in that I saw disappeared from the "Things to do" timeline for some bizarre reason, but a second one pops up, to which I request another return box. 

I let him know about the two, and he instructs me to start the trade in process again.  I try and of course get told the phones are already part of a trade in.  I honestly am not complaining about the guy because he was on the chat with me for hours trying to figure out how to fix my activation issue.  So he asks for my permission to log into my account so he can try the trade in process, and gets the same result.

So now I have two phones in limbo that are flagged as trade ins.  I tried searching by my email and of course told that there isn't a trade in associated with the email address.  I chatted with another rep, who told me to call another department tomorrow. 

To get to the point, I have no submission ID, my email address is not registered/associated with any trade in, but the IMEI of the two other phones are clearly marked for trade in.  AND I have until the 19th to send them all in.

How do I get this process going without a submission ID and not having any way of searching for the trade in status?

Re: Trade In Submission ID Issues
Customer Support

Thank you for that information. It sounds like return boxes have been requested not for the trade-in, but instead for the phones that were purchased. To get the submission ID's I would recommend to complete these steps on a computer, or laptop if possible.


Log into your account on > go to Shop > Trade in your device > If you do not see your phone here select "Trade-in a different device" > From here just provide the information it requests, and click "Next' at near the bottom when complete to proceed. If an issue occurred initially with the order it may not sure the promotional value, this can still get fixed after receiving the device. The most important part is to make sure we receive the device so we can then submit any corrections if they are needed.


Let us know if this works. *Gert

Re: Trade In Submission ID Issues

Same thing here and I have spent about 20 hours on the phone and text with no solution. I am afraid I am going tools my promotion because the trade in wasn't processed right. Yet they tell me to just be patient. Ugh. And I thought Verizon would be better. 

Re: Trade In Submission ID Issues
Customer Support



That's a lot of time to put into this. We want to make sure you get what you are supposed to. What happens if you check the status of this at ? Even without the submission ID you should be able to look that up using your email addres.