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Trade-in SCAM

What a complete SCAM when it comes to trading my phone in with Verizon!!! First off, I’ve been a loyal customer for 5 years with multiple lines and before this I never considered leaving Verizon. Now I’m forced to consider leaving the provider for another, I plan to file this same complaint with the BBB and there’s a possibility I’ll even taking legal action. I wish I would’ve looked at the numerous other trade-in scam complaints made in the community before trading in my phone out of the store. Check them out by typing in trade-in scam! Too many to count. I am very disappointed in the trade-in process that Verizon wireless conducted on my iPhone 8. I feel wholeheartedly I have been cheated and scammed. There was no damage to the screen or the device and I was offered $699 based on this description I gave. A sales person in a 3rd party Verizon store even said my iPhone 8 was in pristine condition and would get full value. I had an offer from a friend to purchase my iPhone 8 for $300. However, I was enticed by the promotional offer of $699, assured by someone who sells Verizon phones mind you, so I went the trade-in route vs selling it outside Verizon myself. I ONLY RECEIVED $101 for trade in value. My friend with the EXACT same phone received $699 in store. Unlike her I bought online which is a whole another story with the end result of multiple phone calls and 7 days to get the new iPhone 12 (if Verizon is reading this they should check out my customer service transcript on all the trouble I went through just to BUY THE DEVICE - it would make them seriously reconsider their best practices.) I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ONLINE AGAIN OR CONDUCT A TRADE IN OUT OF THE STORE. The reason for the reduced promotion was a general statement that my phone was damaged - no details or pictures provided or sent to me. When I contacted customer service for this information they gave me the trade in center phone number to call - absolutely no help! and they couldn’t tell me anything beyond that. Now I sit contemplating if it’s worth my time to call the center and find out the details of this supposed damage. In reality it’s their word against mine so I’m stuck between  a rock and a hard place - I mean it’s seriously out of my hands. I can’t request my phone back to sell it for more $$ and now I’m stuck paying an additional $599 I didn’t budget out for a new phone. Had I known I’d only receive $101 vs $699 with no evidence based data I’d never traded this phone in otherwise. I strongly disagree with how this was handled. How could any damage that I APPARENTLY (according to Verizon only) failed to notice deprecate the phone by $599. BUYERS OF IPHONE 12 BEWARE.

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Re: Trade-in FRAUD

I got lied to as well!!! The Verizon rep was so sweet and friendly, talking me in to a trade in/trade up on 3 lines, at $800 credit each BUT never mentioned that I only had 30 days to trade in the old phones. I repeatedly told her that my sons lived in Los Angeles ( not with me) and she said they could just go to any Verizon store. Never once did she mention the 30 day deadline. With Covid, the holidays and travel restrictions, we did not get the phones traded within 30 days. As a result, we’ll be charged $2400 for phones we didn’t really want or need - we were lulled into ( or lied to???) to going along with this trade in FRAUD! $2400 Fraud!!!