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Transfer Upgrade from another line for non-Verizon purchase?

I let someone else on my account have my upgrade, so even though I've had my device for over 2 years, my line isn't due for an upgrade for another year.  I want to buy a DNA since my Incredible is feeling so old, but Verizon's pricing isn't keeping pace with the rest of the internet - I can get it for $100 on Amazon or $130 at Costco (with free accessory bundle), but Verizon is still charging $200.  So, I'd obviously like to get the best price on upgrading my line even if it means a little bit more work to do it. 

I did an online chat with one of the VZW sales reps, but they said they only place you can do the upgrade transfers is on VZW.  I already knew that, and its not the answer to what I asked really.  I know it has to be possible, I just want to know HOW to do it.  I did this a long time ago when there was no feature on the VZW website to auto-transfer like there is today (I had to call and have the sales rep do it manually).  Can I just use that method of purchasing it as if it is the other line and then having it manually activated on my line instead?

Also, side note/bone to pick - VZW should really start price matching.  Or at least be a LITTLE more competitive please?

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Re: Transfer Upgrade from another line for non-Verizon purchase?

You should look into Amazon or Cosco's upgrade policies.  Upgrades purchased through there often have an additional contract with the vendor stating you can't make any changes to the line including switching a device for 181 days or more.  If you do, you will be charge a second ETF from the vendor that is separate from Early Termination Fee by Verizon Wireless.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.