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VERIZON VICTIMS- Lack and worthless customer service

To those of us are sick and tired of getting the cocky kid on the phone or chat who is about 20years old. Who thinks he rest of us are dumb butts bc he won’t listen. I went through 3 customer service agents and they were not listening to me. Little Matthew got so mad as to call me rude. But when ur calling for same problem day after day. And Matthew gets this cocky attitude bc he is too dumb to realize. That a great deal of his salary is paid by customers. Verizon forgot that also. So Matthew I told u 4 times what was wrong the supervisor that I asked for she couldn’t figure it out. Then I went to next supervisor it was all bc they would not listen. Yes, Matthew everyone over 35 isn’t dumb. I have a PhD I physics and garbage degreeSo I hope u went home and cried bc u said I was rude. U weren’t listening and doing your job. It’s customer service man for a big Corp. Their are Fast Food workers that can do a better job then these customer service agents. I believe they won’t lie to us. Or disconnect us or pray we just go away. So here’s what I say to all the Verizon Victims that have been treated like garbage. Spectrum Mobile. Your first month their is a $10 activation fee if ur keeping ur phone. If u want to transfer ur number don’t cancel Verizon until Spectrum has done the transfer. Then u pay for your first month of service for unlimited talk text and data is $45. First month is $55 bc of the activation fee. Then the rest of the months are $45 even. Their is no contract to be locked into unless u purchase. A phone from Spectrum. They c an help u at th sir office. My 82 yr old mother got. A Samsung galaxy S20 6:4” screen. She wanted just talk and text. Her phone is $10 a month plus her service is $14 a month for unlimited talk & text. They have great customer service. They run on Verizon towers which we need in rural FL. And No headaches or mean people or scammers. So that’s my advice to Verizon Victims. May we be victims no more!!!!

Re: VERIZON VICTIMS- Lack and worthless customer service
Sr. Member

If this post is anything to go off of, you are rude.

Re: VERIZON VICTIMS- Lack and worthless customer service

Your complaint might be credible if you used proper sentence structure and not used your phone number as your username. 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.