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Verizon Allows Customers to buy on my account in store

Someone was able to walk into a verizon store, upgrade both my phones for the most expensive non-discounted iphones, taking my phone numbers off of my devices in use, and leaving me without service. They also bought beats, IPODS, and some other things. I want to say, how can this even happen, but I already know the answer to that. It must have been an employee seeing a big sale that needed to meet their sales quota. So now Im stuck with two 24 month contracts for about $95 a month, a $900 bill, and with no one to help me (this is an absolute nightmare). It seems that if I go into the store personally,  Ill need 7 forms of identification, as well as the left arm of my dead grandmother to even change something on my account, and some stranger is allowed to walk right into the store, having nothing, and can charge over $3000 worth of stuff to my account!! I tried speaking with verizon twice to resolve this issue, but it ultimately looks like im going to need to hire an attorney to fix this one. Verizon are the ones that allowed this, they need to be the ones who fix this...

Re: Verizon Allows Customers to buy on my account in store

If you haven't already, reach out to the fraud department at Verizon Wireless.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Verizon Allows Customers to buy on my account in store
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Hiring an attorney is only going to bleed you of more money. Here's what you do:


1) Change your account PIN ASAP - you can't do anything without a PIN as far as accessing an account.


2) Call Care to get details of the transaction. It's important to find out if this was at a corporate store, indirect ect.


3) Get in touch with fraud. This is the only department that can get those charges removed. Escalating to a supervisor in Care won't go anywhere, you have to get with fraud.

Re: Verizon Allows Customers to buy on my account in store

I really appreciated your posting this reply. I just had the most obnoxious experience trying to reach Verizon's Fraud unit to report that someone used the name of a nonprofit organization of which I am President to open up business wireless service with 4 separate phones and numbers. That person apparently also signed a contract for 2 years, according to the letter confirming activation of wireless phone service that I received via mail. I have soo many questions: (1) HOW can someone just walk into a store and open service under the name of my business? (2) WHAT types of identification and proof of ownership or management did this person give? (I now need to fill out extensive forms and file lots of paperwork to prove who I am, just in order to stop this. How did they do this??

I tried for 2 hours to contact someone at Verizon to help me. Although I did connect with 2 very helpful Customer Service Reps on 2 separate calls (I actually made MANY calls and got on 2 extended chats over a 2 hours period until I accidentally disconnected from the second and gave up), the problem was this:

I tried to contact the Fraud Unit but couldn't get in because the robotic operator kept disconnecting me when I couldn't enter the PIN for the fraudulent account - duh!

Exactly the same problem when I tried to contact the Business Unit (I had already connected with the Consumer Customer Service Reps because I actually have a real account with that division and could enter my PIN!!).

So how does anyone get to talk to a real person to report FRAUD when you need to be able to input the PIN for the fraudulent account that you did not open, in order to report it???

I would say this is a serious flaw and it has cost me far too much time. Now it's going to cost even more time because I am filling out the form that thankfully I just found from your post. So thank you for that!!