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Verizon Customer Service Refuses to AddressTrade in Issue

I have now called customer service 4 times on this issue. I’ve wasted nearly two hours of my life on calls or on hold. Verizon refuses to make good on a trade in.

Their website allowed me to  initiate the trade (iPhone eight) during the holidays in 2020 AND pay for my daughter’s new iPhone12 at full price at the time of sale. The promotion DID NOT require a payment plan at the time. I read the info online AND talked with an agent at the time to confirm, especially since I wouldn’t be returning the trade until after Christmas and wanted to make sure that was not an issue.  Now Verizon insists their promos NEVER allow you to purchase outright. Which would be garbage anyway just to trap you in a two year commitment. Why not just sell you the phone if you want to pay in full? They still likely keep your business…

Regardless, Verizon completed the sale, assessed the trade, sent the trade box, confirmed the trade, confirmed the value of the trade, and sent me an email that said my credit would show in 2-3 bill cycles  it didn’t. I was forced to follow up.

So they’ve taken my daughter’s old phone and no doubt long since refurbished it and sold it. I’ve called on this issue four times now. The first time the Agent rudely told me “I’ll write that no one told you the promo” which is untrue. Basically saying you should have known better. Told me I’d get a email in 3-5 days that would show my bill credit. That email never came.  Second Agent said they’d connect me with a supervisor. Put me on hold forever. Never connected me. Third said they’re still looking into it. Fourth just gave me the ticket number to call back with and said I should wait. My bill is coming due in 5 days. No change.  

So. Verizon took a phone from a long time existing subscriber whose bills are paid on time via auto pay and who has bought multiple phones from them over years and years, with 5 lines on the plan, AND REFUSES to resolve the issue, hoping I’ll just go away and quit calling over a $400 credit against a multi million dollar company. 

No wonder Verizon is losing subscribers. This level of customer service and respect is bottom basement and now what we’ve all come to expect from big red. 

My disgust motivated me to write this post. I guess I’ll have to call back and ask about my ticket. Won’t I, Verizon? Because obviously it’s “my problem not yours?” 

Anyone else have the same experience? I bet you’re out there…

Re: Verizon Customer Service Refuses to AddressTrade in Issue
Sr. Member

When you close many direct centers and contract out at a low pay rate, you get this. Imagine paying more causes people to care more for the job.

Re: Verizon Customer Service Refuses to AddressTrade in Issue
Customer Support

DWV2021, I am so sorry to learn about this experience with the phone you traded in. I would be just as upset and frustrated, as $400 is a big deal. Have you had a chance to check on the Ticket? Normally, with all promotions that give you a monthly credit, they do require monthly device payments, to offset the charges. The promotion ends if you pay off the phone, make changes to the account, (Transfer Of Service). 


Do you have anything that shows the promotion you had? 



Re: Verizon Customer Service Refuses to AddressTrade in Issue

Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, no. I didn’t think I would need to screenshot the site online. I would have also thought my receipt/transaction record would have been saved in a system along with information identifying the promo used. While I cannot produce specific documentation, Verizon has also not sent me a record of the transaction that would prove I made the error as they suggest. 

I’ve not called to check on the ticket because I believe I’d best do that when a supervisor is available (no regular agent has helped thus far as you saw in my account of the details). I’ve been very busy with work during the days.  

Regardless, I still contend that Verizon allowed the transaction, took the phone, now refuses to compensate citing program rules without actual documentation, and has not delivered on agent promises to resolve the situation nor communicated back to me in any way except your message.  

If there is a way that you can make official Verizon contact offline from this forum so I can be assured that this is legitimate and to discuss/check on the ticket I’d be open to that. Otherwise I will eventually make that call again in the near future.