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Verizon Data - Additional Problems

I have had VZW for almost 2 years, since the second month of service, I've had nothing but problems!!

It starts off with the data..i go from using 1/2gb, to 2gb, to 3gb, to 4gb...I get credits on my account (which are not instant, but instead are "scheduled credits"), it affects my bill to the account options because it shows the payment as being late, when in all actuality it's not, everything has been paid on time.

I have had customer service reps add features to my account, delete features, and NOT take any responsibility in what they have done.

For instance, I was at a gas station a few weeks ago and my battery died, I called road side assistance to come and help me, and found out that the roadside assistance had been deleted from my account, (WTF???) I called VZW and explained to them what had happened, the rep said "yes, we see that you declinded to keep roadside service on your account, would you like to re add it?" RE ADD IT???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I NEVER TOO KIT OFF!

After being on the phone with that rep for 4 hours, he finally got the problem corrected, got in touch with roadside assistance and another 3 hours later I had this little old man come up and say "young man, do you need any help?" I said yes, thanked him and i was on my way to get another battery, 3 hours later, roadside assistance called me and said "We are here, which care is yours?" I told them, i was already home.

Yesterday, I started a phone call at 4:30pm to figure out the problem with my data, 8 hours later and numerous reps later, the problem still isnt fixed. I am now back on the phone with VZW tech support (have been since about 10am), "john" is the one helping me out, I have been told that the problem is with my tablet (the tablet is dead and has NO sim card  in it - in fact its sitting on my night stand completely dead), then it was a problem with my secondary phone, (thats not the not the problem because everything is blocked), now its a problem with the WIFI router...but yet this is NOT VZW fault. Funny huh?

I have dealt with this problem for 18 months, my phone has been replace a total of 13 times, sim cards have been replaced a total of 15 times, 4 batteries, im blocked from BTA because of a customer service rep.

VZW is the most horrible company i have ever been with, they want to constantly blame me for the problem, and yet i have to call them every month 4 to 5 times, a month and stay on each phone call between 4 to 8 hours with everyone telling me "I'm sorry, there's nothing i can do" or "Sir, I understand" or "We are going to fix this problem, you are a valued customer" Everything VZW says is SHIT! NOT one person can ever tell me the same thing twice, it's always a different story. My suggestion is to run from them as fast as you can, and go with a carrier that has truly unlimited everything for 1 price and NO hidden fees, make sure that their customer service is what they claim to be!

R. Huff

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