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Verizon Store

Verizon store in Henderson NV has terrible customer service...

I go in to the store with my mom to buy a new iPhone phone -- they tell us it will be 35-45 minute wait.  We put our name in the queue and decide to go get something to eat next door.  When we return we are told we were removed from the queue because "we left the store."  The employee informed us that people are removed from the queue if they leave.  

So we wait another 20 minutes and are finally helped by an associate.  We purchase the phone -- when we get home we see all the additional charges like acitivation fee, etc.  And the associate added the warranty for $17 a month without telling us.  Nice one!

This is just the beginning of the dealing with this place.  I don't feel like continuing -- it makes me too angry.


Re: Verizon Store
Customer Support

ccrumar, I'm sorry to hear of your experience in our store! We appreciate the fact that you've made Verizon your choice, and we want to ensure your experience is always great. I know it can be frustrating to wait for a long period of time without being able to leave the store. I would like to dive deeper into your billing concerns. Please reply to our Direct Message, so we can gather the details needed to assist you further.