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Verizon Trade-In SCAM

I've seen this posted before so it shouldn't be any new news to anyone but hopefully this can get in the eyes of someone that can help because Customer Service hasn't been able to do absolutely anything.

I went a Verizon store to upgrade an Iphone 7 to the Iphone X. The vendor told that I had two options I could do for this.

A. I buy out the remaining balance on the phone and keep it along with my new Iphone X

B. Trade the phone in, clear the remaining balance and get the new Iphone X.

Because I didn't want the hassle of trying to resell the phone I decided to trade it, ship it to Verizon and call it good.

HOWEVER, come to find out that there is a bill on my account for the FULL REMAINING BALANCE of the phone I traded in. I understand Verizon has their policy for damaged phones, and the phone I turned in had a tiny crack in the top corner of the phone. The customer service agent told me that because of this, Verizon is demanding the balance of the returned phone. Okay that's fine, can you ship me my phone back? NOPE! We are going to keep it.

IF I would have known that a small crack in the corner of the phone would have caused me to pay off the remaining balance, I WOULD HAVE JUST KEPT THE PHONE! But now, I have the pay off the remaining balance of the phone while Verizon keeps it!

Of course the customer service agent tells me there is no number to call the facility where the phone is to get it back and that the remaining balance is still due. She told that I could get in contact with a Supervisor to hopefully resolve these issues, but couldn't transfer me because they would need to call from a different line. But she assured me, he is fully aware of my situation. Of course, I never received a call.

Not only was the customer service atrocious, but why am I paying the full balance of a phone that Verizon is keeping?

Also, randomly, protections plans got put on all of the devices on the account with my knowledge around the same time, but that's a different issue.

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Re: Verizon Trade-In SCAM
Sr. Member

You sent in a device you knew had physical damage, that's on you.