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Verizon Wireless Customer Service Failure

After three weeks and dozens and dozens of hours trying to reach anyone at Verizon to resolve the half dozen issues with my new order and phone and being transferred and put on hold, I tried Twitter.  Every time I typed a line, it took 20 minutes to 6 hours for the person to respond. 

 Well Verizon wanted me to get other customers to help solve.  So I posted here.  After several days I get an "offer" to call me and to resolve "one" issuie as long as they didn't have to access my account.

Imagine going to the hospital with a variety of symptoms and you are told someone will look at one symptom but have no access to your chart or test results.

I received a phone call at 5am.  5am.  Verizon failed to understand the very nature of this modern invention called a portable phone.  You can move it and the phone number does not tell you what time zone someone is.  Crazy idea.  But understandable when the people going to call have no access to your record.

During this period, I actually had to go to the hospital with an attack of high blood pressure, something that has been undercontrol for over two years.  I wonder how many have died while trying to get someone to respond.

During the calls, I listened to the "we are receiving more calls than normal."  That, along with "your call is very important to us" are the most common lies told by business to us.  Companies that forecast network capacity, costs, profit margins, research, etc. are always surprised at the fact that customers don't understand conflicting and confusing information, how to find the right people withthe right answers, etc.

I realize the volume of information that Verzon staff needs to understand.  I also know how they operate.  They are understaffed.  They plan for the percentage of customers they will lose for lousy service, the number of customers that will give up trying to get an answer, and calculate the time customers will spend on hold.  There is no commitment to reduce the time on hold, no commmitment to improve customer satisfaction, no commitment to improvement at all.  There is a commitment to reduce costs.  Taking time to answer questions is a cost. 

The very fact that they have customers help other customers is an admission that they cannot help and do not care.

Verizon is not the worst here.  But they rank up there and are one of the largest..  

 Verizon, you are happy to try to take our money, but you are not giving us value.   Your business model to take money and refuse to provide service is not morally defendible.  In your goal to give higher returns to shareholders, you have destroyed customer loyalty.   You spend more money winning back customers than you would have to merely respond to customers in a timely manner with the correct answer. 


A fish rots from the head down.  And a corporation takes lead from the CEO/Board.  Perhaps have a single board seat held by a customer.  Just add one voice to the group of CEOS who sit on each others boards to ensure they all make more and more money rather than spend some on customer service.

Your disdain for customers is central to your being.

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Re: Verizon Wireless Customer Service Failure
Sr. Member

So.. what's the actual issue?

Re: Verizon Wireless Customer Service Failure

1) Inability to make cell calls from home.

2) Inability to get internet while traveling.

3) Sharp edge on case cuts me and othet things.  4 calls to try to get replaced.

4) Conflicting information about insurance and need for Applecare.

5) Trying to find out of the insurance that covers all home equipment.  Which items?  For what problems?  What are deductibles, and more.

6) Cannot find detailed list of services I have.

7) Name spelled wrong on account.

😎 Cannot find itemized bill.

9) Which of 30 Verizon apps do I need?

10) What are the addons I should consideer?  Which are free?  Whcih cost?

11) and other questiohs.


Re: Verizon Wireless Customer Service Failure
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