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Verizon Wireless Trade-in Promotion Scam

At the end of October, I had ported my number over to Verizon to take advantage of the $500 dollar trade-in promotion for my iPhone 7. I didn't really need an upgrade but I figured it was a good deal at the time.

A month later they finally credit my account but they tell me that the phone is only worth $30, I would have sold it for more or just kept it if and gotten more value out of that. I call back to understand why, and they say that the phone had a small crack on the corner when they received it. The phone had no cracks when I sent it to them. They tell me to call UPS and submit a claims report so I did.

UPS tells me I'll hear about the status within the next three days, I call a week later because I hadn't heard anything and UPS says they cannot give me any information because I was not the one who received the package. They tell me to call Verizon.

I call Verizon and the first 2 hour call resulted in a guy promising to call me back with information after talking to UPS, he never called. I call again and the next 2 hour call results in the lady talking to UPs, leaving me on hold for an hour then without warning, transferring me to UPS where I was then transferred to a closed department.

It's clear that Verizon doesn't care about their customers or want to treat their customers fairly. Save yourself the trouble and DO NOT participate in the trade-in program. I have been on the phone with Verizon upwards of 5 hours calling at least 6 times within the last 2 months and I am still stuck with a $30 trade-in value for something that wasn't my fault.

Re: Verizon Wireless Trade-in Promotion Scam
Sr. Member

This is why you take pictures before you send a phone in for trade-in, make sure the package is insured and packaged securely.

Re: Verizon Wireless Trade-in Promotion Scam

Just had the same thing happen to me. Traded in an iPhone 6S. Original battery, so of course would not hold a charge for long. Promotion was $400 trade-in value but got $20 for a phone with an "unresponsive screen." I mean, did they bother to charge it? Verizon rep was unable to adjust, or offer any other promotion. I am unable to return the phone at this point, it's been over 14 days. Did not need the phone immediately, could have waited for a different deal, but am stuck paying full price - who does that?? - for the phone. 

The offer was so deceptive. The range of phones "eligible" was huge, with no breakdown on the maximum value per device type. For example, I would not have expected $400 for an iPhone 6S with an original battery - yet there was NOTHING to indicate that I would get less, unless the phone was physically damaged. It wasn't.

Verizon needs to make this right. Even if I had photos/video of the phone, I was given no way to challenge the valuation. 

Re: Verizon Wireless Trade-in Promotion Scam
Customer Support

Fosterberger, we do hope that you are enjoying your new phone. When trading in a device, the phone does need to be on good physical and working condition. If the device is received and this is found not to be the case, you would see the Trade-In value adjusted based on these findings. Details are available under number 4 for "Trade in Credits" at  LorenB_VZW

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