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Verizon Wireless "hassle Free" return??

Just need to vent, any suggestions on what to do from here...  Here is the SHORT verison of my story.  I totaled it up Im over 12 hours trying to get this resolved.  Any advice (besides calling the 800# again and hearing "sorry"...


I wanted to add a new line to my account for my 10 year old daughter.  As I called them about this, they gave me a deal to upgrade my existing phone.  I accepted the offer and Got a google pixel for the existing number.  After about 1 week the finger print reader stopped working.  We worked with tech support via phone and "tech chat".  After all the resets and updates they requested we go to a verizon corp store and get a 14 day hassle free phone swap.  My husband went to the store and they then proceeded with updates etc instead of just swapping phone.  They stated there were NO notes on the account that the phone should be swapped.  Contacted "tech chat" after store visit who states my account DOES have notes that this should be swapped out.  I am within the 14 days, they should just swap the phone.  After a long "chat' with this group, I then worked with sales, who had the idea of me returning the phone and they would order a new one via mail.  This didnt work cause every time they sent the link it told me order processing.  After weighting my options, I once again returned to the corp store who let me know that the gentleman (my husband) who came with the phone wanted to back up the phone.  We were told this was a hotswap, all data should have been transfer to the new phone.   After I told the manager this he told me they dont even carry that phone in stock!!!  I requested to cancel all of my lines (i am within 14 days) and he stated I had to pay restocking fees on all these items.  (I was previous told in chat there would be no fees).  So now Im stuck with a brand new phone that doesnt work correctly and cant leave verizon wireless. This is unacceptable.  I have spend HOURS with tech chat/phone calls/store visits....I cant leave and they cant fix it.  I was told another store "might" have this device!!  I have one day left in my "14" days to try and get this fixed!!!  (even tough my account is noted...and they would not ship me a replacement!)  As a mom who works full time with 2 special needs kids my time is valuable.  I cant believe I wasted so much trying to use the “hassle free” plan!!!  

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