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Verizon complaints

Everyone should cancel there Verizon service immidately. 


I upgraded my phone a few months ago to a iPhone XR 128 gig and was told that the phone would be 20.00 a month even though I am upgrading. I went through the process of paying and upgrading and I noticed it said it was 33.33 and not 20.00 . I was told by the rep that it would show up on the next bill and I would not be able to see it at checkout. So I exchanged my phone and after I received my first bill the first lie came and said you will need to wait until 2 bills . Now 2 bills later and 2 “escalation lies later “ I am still waiting to receive my credit. My last interaction the sup would not solve my problem and then xfered me to the sales department without telling me or the person who answered the phone . I have been. Mistreated and lied to countless times and let’s get one thing clear I never talk to Verizon or request credits unless they mess up promotions like they have the last time. I pay my bill before it’s due , so Verizon doesn’t have to worry about me. The safest part of this is I have screenshots of what I was told so you don’t even have to take my word for it , you can see for yourself. Never ever stay with Verizon!!! Just think what happened was Verizon stole from me . The took my last phone for trade in. Then they said I had to wait to get a credit , therefore lost the phone I had and now they want to lie to me and say that there was no promotion. What do you expect me to do? If u take my phone and return it before the next bill is received? Assume the rep is lying to me , is that really the Verizon business way? They don’t care how much money or good of customer you are ? Absolutely ridiculous and guess what these supposed escalation never tell me anything ...shocking when I am sure nothing ever got escalated because that happens when you lie about everything.