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Verizon should actual hold employees accountable

We switched from AT&T to Verizon, I honestly was shocked by all the discounts and promotions. Let's start about my instore experience, hearing nonstop that it was Black history and how the first black female pirate couldn't pirate with everyone else because the WHITE pirates wouldn't let her. 

Firstly, as a woman of color with a impressionable child with myself and a multitude of other customers this bothered me. Why? Because this employee actually didn't know what the heck she was talking about. after about 10 minute's of this, and her becoming louder and other employee's laughing. I spoke up, Mary Read dressed as a male nobody truly knew she was a woman (outside of Anne Bonny and her husband which takes place later.) 

This issue is the amount of customers in the store and the lack of attention to them. Also, after helping a white customer she had to bring her behind back over to where I was standing and complain about this man, again starting her black history month lesson again. 

I asked my husband to take our daughter and leave, at this point I was done. I asked if we could finish up, I wanted to leave as soon as possible. Mind you this is a Verizon Corp store at that. 

My rep valued our phones, we had two galaxy's and were offered 800 for one and 1000 for the other due to the phone's we decided on getting. However, that actually didn't happen. I believe we got 800 a piece of so.

The switch22 promotion, we were told to upload our final bill and we would get the Mastercard emailed to us within 30 days. I asked again, because I truly didn't want AT&T sending our final bill to my credit report as a debt. 

Today, I was validated and that was all. I have to wait another 2 weeks to even get the Mastercard, this should be clearly stated as I would have paid off the bill myself and moved on.

While, I like Verizon and I have a lot of great perks and discounts. I will never step foot into that store again, nor will I recommend that store.  I asked multiple customer service reps about this rebate and making sure I was in a reasonable time frame. Nothing was clearly explained, or held up to what the store stated.


Re: Verizon should actual hold employees accountable
Customer Support

I am very sorry for the experience as you always deserve clear and accurate information so you  can make the best purchase decisions for your needs. We will also make sure your feedback is heard about the treatment in the store. I definitely understand how imperative it is to avoid the other companies charges from causing a problem for you and we should have advised the entire turn around can be up to 8 weeks. The trade-in promotions are based on the phone you are trading in and the $800 offer would be based on each model being sent in. We should have set the right expectations and I we will work to ensure you have  positive experience in the future.  


Re: Verizon should actual hold employees accountable

Thank you for the generic response, it was surely a delight to read it.