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Verizon trade-in credit issue

I traded in my iphone xr and my moms iphone xr for 800 dollar credit towards an iphone 13 pro. Mine went through (i.e. I was paying only around 5$ a month for 36 months for my iphone 13 pro) but my moms took a while and when I ultimately had confirmation that the credits will apply I wanted to perform a line seperation to a newer plan, the 5g start.


For background information, I was on an older verizon plan paying around 110 dollar a month flat fee with 20 dollars per line and we had like 11 or 12 people. Now we wanted to break the plan and just have like 4 people on a different one, 4 on another, and etc.


I asked the person in the verizon store I was dealing with MULTIPLE times that the promotion credit will also apply on the new plan, and he said yes. I initially wanted to open the Welcome Unlimited, but he said no, open the 5g start and it'll apply there so I did that. He even called a sales person and I made him ask the sales person if it'll apply and the sales person on the phone said it will apply (according to him).


Today, I checked my new plan and I don't see any promotion active and the device payment says 28 dollars a month when it should've been like 5 dollars. I went in-person and there was no promotion active on the two phones when they checked from their end. I'm clearly frustrated, and the guy I was working with suggested I open another plan for the two phones and the promotion will be valid again, LOL it sounded like he was just trying to make me open a higher level plan and get commission.


So now what do I do? Because I have a feeling these guys are trying to commit fraud with me, I want the promotion I had before on the old plan (the device trade-in credit) and I want to only pay 5$ a month for my iphone 13 pro and my moms iphone 13 pro, as it should be. They sent me home and said to come back closer to the bills due date and it might apply then (logically that doesn't even make any sense). These guys talk very professionally but only one guy seemed to know what was actually going on.


What do I do in this case? I have a strong feeling that the initial salesperson I was working with either didn't understand my request (even though I told him countless times) and tried to play it off that it will transfer over, when he knew it ultimately wouldn't. I feel very frustrated with all this, and am unsure how to even proceed. Please give me some advice.

Re: Verizon trade-in credit issue

@vzw_customer_support , @tikibar1


Can you please help me with this? I was texting an agent last night for support and they said they can't do anything.