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Verizon trade in stole 2 devices

My family and I traded in 2 devices when we switched to Verizon. This was in late 2020. We sent in the devices, and got emails telling us they'd been accepted, what the value was (both were appraised at ~$400), and that we should expect the credits to start in 1-2 billing cycles. The credits have never appeared on our bills.

I've called or texted Verizon support at least 5 times (maybe 10?). Each time they tell me that they've fixed it - one time they told me they had to raise a special ticket (and I should expect an email from support), and no one ever contacted us. Twice I've been told they've issued a promotion correction, and it should be fixed - it wasn't. Many times they've told me that I should expect to see the credit appear in the next bill, and it never has appeared.

I could have sold those devices myself and gotten money for them, but Verizon took them. Now, they're either unwilling or unable to give me the credit they said we would get. We switched to Verizon because of their trade in promos, and I feel like we were swindled.

It has become completely absurd.

Re: Verizon trade in stole 2 devices

@vzw_customer_support some help here would be amazing.