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Verizon wireless Shady sales practices

I've been a Verizon customer for a long time now. I have been surprised by the shady sales practices I have encountered. When talking to their sales reps, they indicate a discount. When you agree to the invoice, the discount isn't there. They tell you it will be added after the first billing cycle. I have seen it where this is the case, but most of the time, it doesn't show up. Most times, I have to call or chat to get them to correct it. A couple of times, they tell me they can offer a lower discount, but not the one I agreed to because it was expired at the time I was offered it. At this point, there is nothing I can do...this last time, it is costing me $170 more than I agreed to pay. This is VERY poor sales practices and I question the morality of it. I even provided the transcript from the sales chat....they say it doesn't matter, they can't help me. I have a record of them telling me it would cost $X nd it ends up costing me $170 more!! This is ridiculous. All I want is to deal with a company that honors its sales agreements and where customer service is actual customer service.

Re: Verizon wireless Shady sales practices
Customer Support



I am so sorry to hear that you have run into issues with receiving a discount that you signed up for when making a purchase! We know how important it is for your billing to be correct, and we would like to help resolve this. To get started, please reply to our Direct Message, so we can gather the details needed to assist you. 



Re: Verizon wireless Shady sales practices

During the COVID times, my daughter in law, which is under my account, had an eligible upgrade from her older phone. I decided to try and try to get the discount offer at the time, for the upgrade. So since the stores are closed to talk to a salesperson like I have always done,  I decided to use the text chat option. I would like to cut and paste the conversation that transpired. I had the option to bail out if I really understood the terms, however, even asking particular questions, I feel that they were not answered correctly and I agreed to something that I wasn't ready to commit to. If I had understood that the discount on a 1K phone that would have been applied upfront off the top instead of coming out each month for  24 months, then I would not have obligated right away. I even offered to pay off. if the phone discount and trade-in were applied immediately. I also never received the trade in the envelope even after asking a second associate a couple of weeks later worrying about the time frame. That associate told me I needed to contact another department because they didn't process the trade-in during the initial order. Read the fine print folks. The sales lady sent the form, and I signed. Then I saw the price. It was for the full price for 24 months which makes the phone bill way higher.  Read the terms folks. I should have done my research better but I also felt that I was misled to make a sale.


Ashley: Just checking in, how is everything going?
You: Why is the V50 more expensive than the V60. Is it a promotion?
Ashley: Yes there is on the V60
You: Also can this be paid off right away or is this deal pending on monthly payments?
Ashley: What would you do the V50 or v60?
You: The 60
Ashley: What plan are you on right now?
You: Trading in Galaxy S6 Edge
Ashley: Do I have permission to access your account so that I can better assist you?
You: YES
Ashley: Can you please send me the 10-digit mobile number on the account so that I can authenticate your account by sending you a secure verification code.
You: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Ashley: Is the number you gave me above the phone number you would like the code sent to?
You: Yes
Ashley: Thank you! I'm sending you that code now, and once you receive it, just repeat it back to me here to verify the account.
You: xxxxxx
Ashley: Thank you for verifying that for me. One moment while I review your account!
You: Thank You
Ashley: Sorry it did not load let me send another pin.
You: OK
You: xxxxxx
Ashley: Thank you! That worked!
Ashley: One moment while I review your account!
Ashley: Ok the trade in would still be $150.
Ashley: Which line were you looking to upgrade?
You: So basically, I'm guessing 549.99 minus 150.00 $ 399.99 ?
You: Line would be xxx-xxx-xxxx
You: Also can I pay it off right now with a credit card not on file with my account?
Ashley: I can see if we can add it to the bill if not I would send a payment link.
You: But it is doable right? I'll wait
Ashley: Yes! would you like me to set that up?
You: What the payment link?
Ashley: If I can't bill it to that account.
You: And will it have a $40 activation fee?
Ashley: No 😃
You: Give me grand total please
Ashley: Yes let me work that up for you one moment please.
You: Also can you take payment over phone if you call me.
Ashley: No I would send you a payment link to pay today.
You: That's fine. Just need the breakdown total with promotion and trade and how much time to send the trade in back to you
Ashley: Perfect! you will have 30 days to send the trade in back.
You: Thanks
Ashley: What color for the V60?
You: What are the colors
You: Classy Blue
Ashley: Thank you 😃
Ashley: What is the full address you would like to receive your device to?
You: xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxx
You: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Ashley: Due Today of $ 78.37
You: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
You: So $78.37 a link for that and another link for the rest?
Ashley: One moment well I grab that and the new monthly.
Ashley: Before we work on finishing your order, what phone number and email address would you like your order notifications sent to?
You: Can we speak on the phone. I'm getting confused. Call me xxx-xxx-xxxx
Ashley: Sorry just chat where you going to pay in full?
You: [email address removed per the Verizon Terms of Service]
You: Yes
You: Pay in full
Ashley: Ok let me change that so sorry.
You: ok
Ashley: Free tow day shipping?
You: sure if its free hehe
Ashley: 😃
Ashley: $1,028.36

Due today
You: I thought there was a trade in and a promo?
You: or is that only if you pay monthly?
Ashley: Sorry that would be device payment's.
Ashley: on
You: okay so that's where I was confused. if I don't pay in full and do monthly payments the phone is cheaper?
Ashley: It would be cheaper with the monthly payment's there is no interest on the phone.
You: okay yeah then Im confused on this whole thing.
You: and if I send in my current phone when will I get the new one for the trade-in? 
Ashley: Yes and the monthly with the trade-in would be $33.33 for the LG V60.
You: So its going up that much if I do this?
Ashley: Let me move all that back one moment.
Ashley: $78.37 for the sale taxes and the new monthly will be $242.90.
Ashley: Let me grab a payment link for you! If we get disconnected, you will need to just keep the page open after you fill it out and sign the terms and I'll email you confirmation.
You: The $242.90 forthe entire bill of all phones?
Ashley: No the new monthly all together.
Ashley: Please Click Here to see payment
You: For my entire account, because I just paid $ 252.74
Ashley: These is taxes on the V60.
You: OK
You: Submitted
Ashley: Now, you'll need to sign the Terms & Conditions. It will come up on your screen if you've left the window open or I can also send you a link to complete it.
You: Signed
Ashley: Your order is complete!
Order number: xxxxxxxx
Location Code:xxxxxxxx
Ashley: Is there anything further I can assist you with to ensure that you have a pleasant experience chatting with me today?
You: No thanks. I appreciate the ability to text but I'm still confused. So am I'm still getting the discount? I would like to call.
Ashley: It has been my pleasure to assist you! Have an amazing day! Thanks for being the best part of Verizon=)
You: Since the stores are all closed is this the norm?
Ashley: For transferring the info?
You: For everything, I think we have been trying to do. I hear the Verizon stores are not open due to COVID
Ashley: Yes if you need to move any info use an app called content transfer.
You: Ah Ok I guess.

Yes, please move the chat.


This is the copy of the chat minus edited personal data with x's only. Everything else is original: 


Re: Verizon wireless Shady sales practices
Customer Support

We work hard to provide transparency when it comes to our promotions, RGEETING60. We sincerely apologize for making you feel uncomfortable and misled just for the purpose of capturing a sale. Thank you for including the conversation you had, so we can refer to it and come up with a solution. I’ve sent a Private Note to you so we can discuss things in greater detail in a more secure environment.



Re: Verizon wireless Shady sales practices

This is along the lines of what I am talking about. It happens on the phone and in chat...stick with the chat as you can get a transcript of the conversation. Without the transcript, you have nothing and they don't believe you. It looks like they are doing the right thing and contacting you to rectify the issue. Let us know if they took care of you. They did take care of my issue in an acceptable manner.