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Victra, an authorized retailer, SCAMs, LIES, and does not practice INTEGRITY

For everyone that has went to a VICTRA retailer and has had the same issue please post here.


My experience:

I wanted to upgrade my Iphone 11 Pro to a Iphone 13 Pro Max. Initially I was helped by Nic (great sales rep, very polite, but does not practice integrity) so I went to 639 E 400 S #B, Salt Lake City, UT 84102 (Victra) in order to replace my phone. Nic ran through some of the fine details and some packages I could purchase and showed me an "essential bundle" that needed to be purchased if they were going to go through with the sale. (EXTRA $270). I WAS LIED TO.

I politely declined as this was not initally the case when I signed on with Verizon. I then ordered the phone online and 3 days later, my order was canceled as it was never processed by the location stated above. No email, no reroute of a plan, no tracking #, no confirmation. Absolutely unacceptable. NO OWNERSHIP.

I then spend 3 hours of my time (not saying its more valuable than anyone elses but our time is money guys) on the phone/tech chat in order to understand why its canceled. The tech was able to provide me a USPS tracking #, but does not update my current order in order to reflect what was going on on the backside. My order was canceled (3 day expiration), I checked on the order everyday (in progress). The tracking number states that my phone will be delivered to the location at of March 25th, 2022 to the retailer location listed above. They told me to contact the retail store. So I did, a sales rep from another location said they can fulfill the order there and told me to visit the store in order to get it hashed out. I still have not received a confirmation/email/ or anything stating that the phone being delivered is for me.

I go to the store, I then confirm with another sales rep and asked if I had to buy a bundle, he said no. (Practices integrity). He then suggests that I go to a corporate location versus their store as they reserve phones for their customers versus online. (Either VICTRA does not act on behalf of VERIZON, THERE IS USER EXPERIENCE ERROR that didn't direct to a corporate store, OR IF I WASN'T LIED to in the first place all of this would have NOT happened). 

I am not the only person that has had this happened to them, I never had this experience when I was previously with sprint, or with other friends that were with AT&T. 

Now I am still here, after 4 days with no traction on my order, my order still states canceled, and by the 25th, I am very sure this location will not have my phone in "stock", as I have NO PROOF, that the phone with the USPS tracking number is for me.

Now let me get this straight, I am no Karen, I usually dont complain, and I keep my mouth shut about shady business. Now if you try to con me over because you think I wouldn't care and that I wouldn't notice, thats a different story. I work in management at a fortune 500 company and this whole process is time consuming, the practice of VICTRA's sales reps are unacceptable, and this is led by poor leadership, unethical practices, and greed. 

Verizon, I hope you guys will do something about this, as there are thousands of customers being lied to by a company that is supposed to represent your name in light.

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Re: Victra, an authorized retailer, SCAMs, LIES, and does not practice INTEGRITY
Customer Support

Hello ctpham03,


Getting a new phone should always be a great experience. We are saddened to hear of the concerns you had during your order. We have both Verizon Company Stores and Authorized Retailers. You can view which stores are near you using this link:


When you purchase through an Authorized Retailer, you are purchasing through their systems and their stock. The order would be separate from a Company Store or ordering online. It's a similar experience if you purchase from a big box retailer instead of a Company Store or our website. As they use a different system, any order through them will need to be support by them as we don't have any access to their systems. Have you been able to cancel your order? Once cancelled, you can place a new order on our website.