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Wangiri Scam- a call to those affected

I am a victim of the Wangiri Scam. To make it worse, Verizon isnt helping the situation. Verizon put a block on international calls from my phone in March of 2019 for the first time when my bill went from 123$ to 185$, as I'm being charged for calling internationally even though I never made a single international call. The block didn't take, and they on 3 separate occasions stated it didn't go through and had to apply the block again. Every day I get 10 calls from places like Georgia in Russia, Slovenia, Bolivia, Belarus, and they come in, in the middle of the night. I have spoken to 10 representatives, all assuring me that the problem is squared away and credits applied, yet they are using my auto pay to take payments I didn't authorize, and it doesn't appear that I'm receiving the credit I'm entitled to. We pay for our service with the confidence that we are secure and our info is secure, but it isn't. They have no idea how it could appear as if we've made calls we have never made. Clueless. I requested to speak to a supervisor who assured me she was a cut above the rest and training people to handle issues better as Verizon holds itself at a different level of communication. She never followed up as she said she would, and the information she gave me to contact her is useless, I get no response. I have wasted too much time on this topic and will need to shut this account down soon to save my sanity and to assure myself that my information is secure. Take responsibility for your actions Verizon, this isn't your client's problem, it's yours. You secure the network, and we pay you a lot for our services. Stop billing me for calls I don't make, start taking care of your customers and assume responsibility for your errors. Here's an example of how useless you have been Verizon. One night I got home from work late and my only recourse was to text customer service. the rep told me I needed to call the Fraud department in the am. I thought, great, now they are taking this seriously. I went to bed and called the Fraud dept. The proceeded to tell me they can't do anything because the calls are coming from my phone. And they were extremely rude to me. They refused to help. I called customer service again, told them what Fraud said, and they proceeded to tell me they can't do anything for me because the fraud department is now investigating the case, which they aren't. Back and forth, over and over, shuffled from one place to the next and getting nowhere fast. Thanks for nothing Verizon, you are absolutely worthless. Is anyone else going through this? If your advice is to not answer these calls, like the blockhead that responded to my last post, go back to Facebook to be an blockhead. It floats there, not here. I'm not answering the calls, and its actually showing me making the calls, when my call log proves otherwise. To Verizon rep that want's to talk to me...I just discussed this with you guys and Now, this is supposedly taken care of for the 11th time, just wasted another half hour on the phone and I won't discuss this again till I see she didn't help either.