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What does the end of 3G in January 2021 mean for fringe/rural customers?

This topic meant nothing to me until I just tried to activate my spare 3G phone after the screen failed on it's twin. I  spent all day trying to switch on my spare phone and the Verizon support folks didn't know that 3G was no longer supported. I found out just now in these community pages. I am still waiting for the call back from the supervisor.
I currently can not use a 4G device. I barely get a 3G signal as it is and it changes with the wind. 4G doesn't even lock.
It now currently appears that rural cell customers are being thrown under the bus, as these new cell networks do not have the range of 3G, using mm waves of 4G and 5G, and can not get reception in order to use the new broadband friendly radio frequencies, nor will they have telephone reception due to discontinuing 3G.
I feel Verizon is taking advantage of the public and it's tax dollars just as they did when under the guise of running more fiber optics to improve service, presumably (if the legislators who voted for this are believed) for rural customers who can not get high bandwidth internet, then used the tax money granted to upgrade existing urban cell tower connections to the trunk.
As a result, rural Verizon users are triply messed up; unable to connect to a previously accessible phone line, not able to connect to the new wireless network and no broadband internet, wired nor wireless. People's children are not even able to participate in the required distance learning during this pandemic.
I believe it is because of Verizon's greed and shady self serving business actions. The airwaves are public property, yet only the public who Verizon chooses to serve can participate.


Re: What does the end of 3G in January 2021 mean for fringe/rural customers?
Customer Support

We know how this has affected some of our customers still using our 3 G network, and are sorry to see this has now affected you as well, BuddingLuddite. Here you can learn more about our CDMA Network Retirement: Let us know if we can help you out with anything else. 



Re: What does the end of 3G in January 2021 mean for fringe/rural customers?
Sr. Member

Progress happens. All other carriers are ditching 3G too, it's not Verizon exclusive.

Instead of being upset at Verizon, be upset at your local government for not caring about infrastructure. Alternatively, you can move. Last I lived somewhere rural with no access to proper internet, I didn't stay there long. 

Re: What does the end of 3G in January 2021 mean for fringe/rural customers?

To tell you the truth, Verizon spent the money they were given by the government for new fiber in rural areas on their own private infrastructure connecting their existing cell towers to the trunk.  I am angry that politicians did not make Verizon pay back the money for their fraud. Additionally in NY we have laws regarding rural access and requests for T1 service. I worked for a business that needed more bandwidth. As the service provider, they were responsible for installation of new lines to provide the requested bandwidth. I was in weekly contact for nearly a year trying to get Verizon to provide the infrastructure they are required to install by being given exclusive rights for their hardware on our public right of ways. They failed miserably.