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Where are my devices I ordered and why is it taking so long to figure out?

Almost 2 weeks ago I had placed an order for 4 new phones, upgraded plan and 2 phone cases because my contract was up. All on Edge. With rush delivery. Pretty straight forward online order. Got a box the next day. Opened and found 1 out of the 4 phones had been sent along with the 2 cases I ordered. Invoice in the box only showed 1 phone and 2 cases . Not a big deal, I'll wait another day probably come in another box. Never came. Check order status online and showed everything had shipped in one shipment. Chatted online with customer service who advised me to talk with fraud dept. because of multiple copies of the same order on my account. Told me I need to verify the order with fraud and gave their number. Called them told them the situation and verified the order. They told me in so many words that either 1. I was lying about the missing phones or 2. It was the shipper's fault because the other box was missing. I told them the invoice I received only had the 1 phone and two cases and the shipping label on the box showed box 1 of 1. They then transferred me to internet sales to which I talked to a gentleman and sat on hold for some time. He had agreed that this issue was very strange and issued a ticket to shipping dept. I believe and told me he would be back in contact with me within 72 hours. That was on May 18th. Did not hear anything back. I chatted again on May 25th with someone else as to the status of my ticket and had told me that the day the ticket was issued does not count in the 72 hour time frame. I was then advised to give it another day and try back on May 27th. Which I did. I was then told that a ticket of this level will take some time to figure out and if I don't hear anything by May 29th I should call back on June 1st. I feel I am getting the run-around and my issue is not getting resolved. I have been extremely patient through this process, but now it is starting to wear thin. How hard is it really to figure out? In my mind it comes down to 3 things. 1. Someone screwed up the order in the shipping dept.

2. Someone stole my devices in the shipping dept and tried to cover it up. 3. The computer system screwed up the order somehow. I want this resolved ASAP and my devices shipped.

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Re: Where are my devices I ordered and why is it taking so long to figure out?
Verizon did same to me They never delivered my iphone 11 with same day delivery in Manhattan and charged me $838. Now they are asking for police report to prove that they never delivered it. In the meantime, they dont have a name for the person they delivered the phone to. This company has only one goal, steal as much as it can from its customers