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Why Verizon or ANY other Cell Carrier, or CONGRESS will never stop spam calls:


Just a public service announcement I guess, so people won't be fooled by Verizon or anyone else claiming they will stop your phone from getting spam/spoofed/robo calls.  Don't believe what any cell carrier or your government will claim, as they are only promising things to get you to sign up for their service or get your vote.  And in the end, your phone will still get these calls.

Why?   Because they've already rolled out these anti-spoof programs and guess what... I'M STILL GETTING THEM DAILY.  DOZENS OF THEM.  I've installed apps, but I don't have time to keep reporting numbers that are ALREADY fake/dead/spoofed.  It does no good.  There are laws in the books now... they don't prevent anything.

I've done something with my phone now so that it's only a dozen a day, which is far better than the HUNDRED a day I used to get.  But that was something I DID and not Verizon or any act of congress did.

Realize that cell providers do have the money and talent to prevent all fraudulent calls... they could if they really were serious about it.  I actually have 2 methods to prevent - guaranteed - all fraudulent calls but since I can't retire by just blurting it out, I guess I'll have to keep it to myself 😞

The best thing one can do is to get a "dummy" phone line from google voice or some other phone app, and just give that number out to anyone outside of friends and family.... oh wait... that won't prevent the calls to your actual phone because they can always use a program to just call numbers in an area code sequentially, starting with (###) 000-0001, (###) 000-0002, etc...

I wish I could share my guaranteed solutions to prevent any and all fraudulent calls with Verizon, or Sprint, or even Congress... but not going to happen if I solve a huge problem like this and don't get paid like a superstar.  

I don't know what the angle is for cell companies to allow these calls; there must be some reason as they actually could stop them but they don't.   Oh well.  Have a great day everyone!

Re: Why Verizon or ANY other Cell Carrier, or CONGRESS will never stop spam calls:
Sr. Leader

I would mark this as ‘spam’ post.  Took up my time for nothing.  

Using a google voice number won’t help.  1. Your real number still gets calls, phine still rings.  2.  Your GV number is still a number, and eventually a ROBO call will call it too.   Robo calls just call a random number, add 1 and call again till they get a ring through.  

You can prevent callers you don’t know with ‘do not disturb’, set exceptions to ‘contact list ‘ 

Can carriers prevent?  Probably.  But we’re like frogs in cold water with the burner on, we’ve become so use to it.  Carriers don’t care, it doesn’t effect them at all.  Is authentication quick, easy, effective and free for then to provide?  I assume it’s not.

Meanwhile, don’t answer numbers you don’t know. 🐸